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CFD rescues dog trapped in underground tank


Trish Bennett

Captain Kirk Edgington (left) is drenched but happy with the outcome of a rescue call Tuesday on Park Place. Also pictured are Lt. Brad Rankin and firefighters Ben Reed and Danny Puckett with Bear.

CIRCLEVILLE – A Circleville Fire captain took the plunge Tuesday to rescue a dog trapped in an underground cistern.

Ann Cook said she was inside her home on Park Place when she heard the metal lid to the eight-foot-deep tank slide across the concrete. By the time she got outside, she saw the cable for her dog, Bear, running into the hole.

“I heard it move and then saw the cable, and when I looked, he was down in there swimming,” Cook said. “I think he was really scared.”

The 4-year-old chocolate Lab had somehow dislodged the tank lid and fallen in, and he was struggling in about four feet of water. Cook said she was frantic and had no idea how to get him out, so she called on the Circleville Fire Department for help.

Captain Kirk Edgington climbed down into the cistern and was able to rig the dog up with ropes, she said. He was assisted pulling Bear to safety by Lt. Brad Rankin and firefighters Ben Reed and Danny Puckett.

Puckett said it took about 10 minutes to deliver a happy ending for Cook and her beloved pet.

Cook said she couldn’t be more grateful for the Circleville Fire Department.

“They’re wonderful,” she said. “This is not their job, but they got right in there when I needed them. They’re not appreciated enough for what they do.”

This article originally appeared on The Pickaway News Journal