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Pickaway Sheriff Reports for 12/25/19


12/25/19 00:32 Alarm Drop – Business CHICKASAW DR CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO

On 12-25-2019 at 0101 hours, this unit was dispatched to
Arrapaho Dr for a reported alarm drop. The caller stated
they could hear an audible alarm coming from the building.
Upon my arrival there was not an alarm going off. I could hear
a beeping noise in the area but could not locate it. I did
checked the building and everything checked secure.

12/25/19 00:34 Domestic RUTH PL ASHVILLE OH APD
12/25/19 01:00 Burglary/B&E BORROR RD ORIENT OH CPPD
12/25/19 03:15 Complaint – Person LONG ST ASHVILLE OH APD
12/25/19 03:35 Burglary – In Progress ERA RD PCSO

On December 25, 2019 at 0335, this reporting Deputy
responded to Era Road on a possible burglary in
progress. Upon arrival, I was met by Caller. Caller stated
that approximately 2-3 hours ago, there were 2 males in his
back bedroom that he could hear whispering. He then blocked
them inside the room by piling furniture up against the doors.
He stated that they must’ve gotten out through the window. All
windows to the house were closed. He stated that they then
tried to get into the front door and had unlocked the deadbolt.
He stated that he then got a hatchet and they left.
I have been on multiple calls with Caller. His tendencies are
schizophrenic in nature. I have been on calls where he
advised someone was standing on his porch while I was
there. There was nobody on the porch. He advised to me that
he wants to try to obtain his firearms back from his brother.
He then told me he shot his TV. For these reasons, I am
requesting Adult Protective Services to investigate the issue.
****Foward to Adult Protective Services****

12/25/19 06:54 Suspicious Person S WALNUT ST ASHVILLE OH SBPD

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CFS Date CFS Time Description Street Name City State Primary Primary Narrative(s)
12/25/19 08:16 Traffic Stop SR 316 W ASHVILLE OH PCSO
12/25/19 08:47 Emergency Squad Run KINGSTON PIKE CIRCLEVILLE OH PTFD
12/25/19 08:54 Carbon Monoxide CANAL ST ASHVILLE OH HTFD
12/25/19 09:05 Traffic Stop US 23 LOCKBOURNE OH PCSO
12/25/19 09:20 Animal Call FLORENCE CIRCLEVILLE PCSO
12/25/19 09:57 Civil Papers ABBY CT ASHVILLE OH APD
12/25/19 10:00 Civil Papers ABBY CT CT APD
12/25/19 10:18 Civil Papers LONG ST ASHVILLE OH APD
12/25/19 10:41 Traffic Stop US 23 CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO
12/25/19 11:22 Accident – Injury S WALNUT ST ASHVILLE OH HTFD
12/25/19 11:41 Accident – Non-Injury S WALNUT ST ASHVILLE OH PCSO
12/25/19 11:51 Civil Papers JEFFERSON AVE ASHVILLE OH APD
12/25/19 12:01 Complaint – Loud Music BRENTON DR ASHVILLE OH APD
12/25/19 12:33 Civil Papers LONG ST APD
12/25/19 14:07 Emergency Squad Run PICKAWAY ST ASHVILLE OH HTFD
12/25/19 14:19 Alarm Drop – Residence MOUSER RD NEW HOLLAND OH PCSO
12/25/19 14:27 Traffic Stop SR 56 CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO
12/25/19 15:33 Special Detail LONG ST ASHVILLE OH APD
12/25/19 15:49 Traffic Stop RICKENBACKER COLUMBUS OH PCSO
12/25/19 15:53 Traffic Stop WELCH RD ORIENT OH CPPD
12/25/19 15:55 Accidental Call
12/25/19 16:13 Dead on Arrival WINCHESTER RD ASHVILLE OH PCSO
12/25/19 16:26 Accidental Call

12/25/19 16:32 EMD NEW HOLLAND NHFD
12/25/19 17:19 Complaint – Vehicle ERA ROAD MOUNT OH PCSO

On December 25, 2019 about 1721 hrs, this unit responded to
Era Rd. and US 62 on a report of a abandon vehicle at the
intersection and on the roadway. This unit arrived and
located the blue Honda Civic bearing Ohio registration. A note was located in the rear window advising it was broke down and that the owner would return as soon as
possible to remove it. Columbus PD was requested to make contact with the registered owner (RO) to have the vehicle removed or it would have to be towed. Dispatch received a call from the RO’s husband. It was agreed that he would return and the car would be pushed off the roadway. The vehicle was
removed from the intersection.

12/25/19 17:27 Lock Out SR 752 ASHVILLE OH APD
12/25/19 18:12 Animal Call S WATER ST OH
12/25/19 18:14 Suspicious Vehicle SR 762 E LOCKBOURNE OH PCSO
12/25/19 18:20 Domestic DUVALL RD ASHVILLE OH PCSO

12/25/19 18:47 Burglary – Attempted TENNY RD U58 MOUNT PCSO

On December 25, 2019 about 1907 hrs, this unit responded to
Tenny Rd.  on a possible attempted burglary.
Contact was made with the victim, who stated
shes was in her home alone when she heard someone
rubbing against the screen to the living room window. She
became frightened and moved to a back room. She began to
hear someone again. She thought that one of her sons
friends was playing a joke on her so she called his friend.
The friend advised that he was not home. As she was talking
to the friend, She could hear a male laughing outside her
She called her grandmother, who called 911
and went to be with She . Prior to her arrival, She stated
that she was hiding in the corner of the living room. At this
time, the back door opened. She believed that the person(s)
were scared off before gaining entry.

This unit checked around the home and was unable to find
any signs of someone being outside.

12/25/19 18:56 Emergency Squad Run LONG ST ASHVILLE HTFD
12/25/19 20:44 Disabled Vehicle US 22 W CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO
12/25/19 20:51 Traffic Stop LONDON RD CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO
12/25/19 21:12 Suspicious Person SR 104 CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO

On December 25, 2019 about 2114 hrs, this unit responded to
the area of St Rt 104 and Dungan Rd. on a male walking
northbound near the travel lane. The reporter was concerned
for his safety. The male was located south of Hickory Bend
Rd. Contact was made with Robert Oller who stated that he
was walking from Chillicothe to Columbus. Mr. Oller
volunteered to provide ID. It was found that Mr. Oller had an
active warrant out of Pike County with a pick up of 3. The
warrant was confirmed and Mr. Oller was transported to the
Pickaway County Jail.

12/25/19 21:16 Suspicious Person ASHVILLE PCSO

December 25th, 2019 at 21:16 hours, this reporting unit was
dispatched to Duvall Road Lot 12 on report of a
suspicious vehicle. This unit arrived on scene at 21:53 hours
and made contact with caller. caller stated that
a few minutes after 21:00 hours she observed a SUV red in
color in the driveway of the residence two houses east of her
residence. caller stated the vehicle was occupied by multiple
male subjects and stated that two of the occupants got out of
the vehicle and started to go from door to door. caller stated
she was out front letting her dog out when the vehicle
approached her residence. caller stated the vehicle stayed on
the roadway and the driver began to flash his lights in caller
caller stated the driver continued on and then backed into the
driveway of lot 10. caller stated all lights on the vehicle were
turned off and that at the same time the Christmas lights to lot
10 were turned off as well. caller stated after about 10
minutes the vehicle left westbound on Duvall Road. This unit
then went to lot 10 and made contact with the homeowner.
The homeowner stated she was okay and that everything at
the residence was fine. The homeowner stated she turned her
Christmas lights off around 21:30 hours and didn’t see
anything outside of the residence and that nobody came to
the door.

12/25/19 21:20 Assist Circleville PD CHATHAM RD CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO

On Wednesday December 25, 2019 at 2122 hrs this unit was
requested to assist the Circleville Police Department at 405
Chatham Road (City of Circleville) regarding a domestic
disturbance in which a guest was causing damage to
property. While en route, dispatch gave me updated
information. The at fault male wearing a red and plain shirt left
on foot and though to be headed to Speedway on North Court
Rather than going to the scene, I made my way toward
Speedway. At 2133 hrs I located a male matching the
description walking on Morris Road toward the gas station. I
followed him into the store and spoke with him. He was
identified Man. While he had been consuming
alcohol, he was not intoxicated and did not show signs of
impairment. He openly admitted to “cork screwing” the tires
on a vehicle that belonged to someone on Chatham Road.
Circleville Police Officer Lance Canterbury arrived as I was
speaking with Him. He had me standby with Him while he
checked with the caller and/or victim(s). He returned a short
time later with a bag of property that belonged to Him. He was
instructed not to return and that the victim(s) were not going
to pursue charges.

12/25/19 21:29 Alarm Drop – Business 11272 US 23 LOCKBOURNE OH PCSO

December 25th, 2019 at 21:29 hours, this reporting unit was
dispatched to Schumacher Homes on report of a alarm
activation. This unit arrived on scene at 21:37 hours and did
not observe any vehicles or persons on the property. This unit
checked the office along with the houses on the property
which all buildings checked secure. No key holders
responded to the scene. This unit cleared at 21:46 hours.

12/25/19 23:01 Hot Rodder/Speeder A/O WELCH AND COMMERCIAL CPPD
12/25/19 23:04 Emergency Squad Run FIVE POINTS PIKE MOUNT OH SJAD
12/25/19 23:09 Traffic Stop S WALNUT ST ASHVILLE OH SBPD
12/25/19 23:13 Assist Circleville PD CHATTHAM RD CIRCLEVILLE PCSO