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Pickaway Sheriff Reports for 12/23/19


12/23/19 01:33 Suspicious Vehicle HAGERTY RD ASHVILLE OH PCSO

On December 23, 2019 at 0133 this deputy was on routine
patrol and arrived at Stages Pond State Nature Preserve at
Hagerty Road (Ashville, Walnut Twp) to conduct a
business check. While doing so, I located a silver 2008
Nissan Altima (OH – GPE1668) that was idling and occupied.
I spoke with the occupants.
They were trespassing a state reservation based on the park
hours. I did not observe or detect any further criminal
indicators or violations. Both were sent on thier way and I
stood by until they left the park.

12/23/19 02:20 Fire – Structure 4TH ST CLARKSBURG SWPFD
12/23/19 03:20 Disabled Vehicle US 23 N ASHVILLE OH SBPD
12/23/19 04:02 Traffic Stop US 23 CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO
12/23/19 04:26 Emergency Squad Run NEVILLE ST CIRCLEVILLE OH PTFD
12/23/19 05:55 Traffic Stop RICKENBACKER COLUMBUS OH PCSO
12/23/19 06:34 Suspicious Activity RACE ST OH PCSO

On 12-23-2019 at 0634 hours, this Unit responded to the
dead end of Race Street, reference suspicious activity. I met
with Individual whom resides at on Race St. and owns at
business at Race Street. He has CCTV cameras at
Race that he checks every morning. He observed two
males on his cameras around 0030 appearing to be juveniles;
coming from Central Street and running onto Race Street. It
appeared the males were being chased by someone due to
their demeanor. The males stopped at the end and stood
around for awhile then left walking toward South Water Street.
He went to the dead end and located a brand new drill bit
set laying in the grass. I collected the drill but set due to the
possibility of it being stolen. Dispatch had no calls for service
in Williamsport around of the time this event occurred.

12/23/19 06:56 Disabled Vehicle CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO

On December 23rd 2019 at 0656 hours this unit was
dispatched to US 23 ramp South bound from US 22 for a
vehicle in the roadway with no lights. I located the vehicle,
1999 Dodge Caravan, Ohio. The caller was
registered owner. Pickaway
Towing recovered the vehicle, removing it from the roadway, I
cleared with no further incident.

12/23/19 07:38 Stolen Vehicle – Car MILLER AVE ASHVILLE OH APD

On December 23rd 2019 at 0919 hours this unit was
dispatched to Bell Station Road, the caller, was requesting a deer carcass slip for a deer. He
stated his friend called him about the deer that was hit over night. There was no signs of a hunting injury to the deer, once field dressed it was clear the deer sustained blunt force impact. I issued him the deer carcass slip and cleared with no further incident.

12/23/19 10:10 Accidental Call
12/23/19 10:33 Traffic Stop PCSO
12/23/19 11:10 Accident – Injury SR 104 ASHVILLE OH STFD
12/23/19 11:22 Emergency Squad Run US 62 ORIENT OH
12/23/19 12:00 Complaint – Person APD
12/23/19 12:48 Death Notification BLAIN RD MOUNT OH PCSO
12/23/19 14:04 Alarm Drop – Lifeline NELSON DR ASHVILLE OH HTFD

12/23/19 14:43 Disabled Vehicle US 23 PCSO
12/23/19 15:33 Bad Check or Forgery TURNEY CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO

On December 23, 2019 at 1541hrs. this unit,
was dispatched to 15689 Turney Caldwell Road on report of
fraud or a bad check. Upon arrival, I spoke with victim,
who advised he received a scam call. He stated at the
beginning of the call it seemed as if the male did not know
who he was supposed to be talking to then advised he was
calling from a collection agency (did not give company name.)
He stated the male called him by name, he also knew
Gary’s address and E-mail address which he found odd.
The male from the collection agency advised he had items
shipped to his house but stated he never paid for them.
He advised he had not attempted to purchase any items nor
has he had anything delivered to his house for that to be true,
He stated he then threatened to make a police report and
the male got frazzled and hung up. He advised he did not give
any personal information to the caller other than what he
already knew.
He was advised not to give any person information over the
phone. This unit cleared with nothing further.

12/23/19 16:02 Complaint – Vehicle MATVILLE RD ORIENT OH PCSO

On December 23, 2019 at 1611hrs. this unit,
was dispatched to Matville Road on complaint of a
four-wheeler driving around the house. Upon arrival, I spoke
with a man who advised someone was riding around their
property on a four -wheeler and they did not know who they
were. His mother then walked up and while she was on the
phone with someone and stated their four wheeler was
missing. She then proceeded to walk me back to their barn
and explain the last time she had seen the four-wheeler was
yesterday but the skid steer that sits in front of it was pushed
While speaking to her, her husband, called her back to
advised his friends had left him a message stating they were
taking the four-wheeler and would bring it back after their
done tracking a deer they had shot. Since the four-wheeler
was located and the occupants who took the four-wheeler is
known, this unit cleared with nothing further.

12/23/19 16:05 Complaint – Vehicle SR 104 PCSO
12/23/19 16:10 Traffic Stop FRONT ST NEW HOLLAND OH NHPD
12/23/19 16:18 Traffic Stop EGYPT PIKE NEW HOLLAND OH NHPD
12/23/19 17:06 Complaint – Vehicle SR 104 PCSO

On December 23, 2019 at 1706hrs. this unit,
was dispatched to the area of SR 104 south of SR 762 on
complaint on a vehicle. This unit checked from SR 762 on SR
104 to US 22 and did not locate the vehicle.
I cleared with nothing further.

12/23/19 17:57 Complaint – Person S UNION ST ASHVILLE OH SBPD

12/23/19 18:02 Emergency Squad Run MOUSER RD NEW HOLLAND OH PCSO

On December 23, 2019 at 1807hrs. this unit,
was dispatched to Mouser Road on a 60 year old male
that has an altered mental status which may possibly be
related to drug usage. Upon arrival, a male, was in the back of Williamsport EMS.
He kept saying he had hepatitis, someone gave him
hepatitis and someone possibly poisoned him. Williamsport
EMS transported him to Berger E.R. and I followed to
make sure they arrived safely.
Once EMS arrived at Berger, they advised his attitude was
that same as before but maybe more agitated now. As Berger
E.R. was getting him checked in and attempting to take his
vitals, He became more demanding and refused to give
answers to the requested information. he began cursing
and yelling very loudly and once he was asked to stop yelling,
he got more irritated. Berger Security arrived and was advised
of his actions and this unit cleared with nothing further.

12/23/19 18:05 Traffic Stop WELCH RD COMMERCIAL CPPD
12/23/19 18:28 Accident – Hit/Skip HAGERTY RD ASHVILLE OH PCSO

On December 23, 2019 at 1828 hours this unit was
dispatched to a possible hit skip vehicle accident on Hagerty
Road east of Walnut Creek Pike. I was unable to locate the
vehicle at the crash scene. I later located the vehicle at the
intersection of State Route 188 and Winchester Road with its
hazard lights on. The driver of the vehicle was identified as
Bryan R Bailey and suspected to be under the influence of
alcohol. After placing Bryan through field sobriety he was
placed under arrest for OVI. Upon the search of the vehicle
incident to arrest Corporal Cano and I noticed a clear bag
containing a leafy green vegetation suspected to be
marijuana and a marijuanna pipe. The bag and the pipe were
in the driver door compartment in immediate control of Bryan
and where he had been sitting. I was unable to get any
information from Bryan about the marijuana due to the fact he
stated “I want a Lawyer” after being read his rights. The
marijuana was secured for evidence by Corporal Cano and I
later cleared with no further incident.

12/23/19 18:30 Emergency Squad Run FLORENCE CIRCLEVILLE OH HTFD
12/23/19 18:31 Emergency Squad Run ARAPAHO DR CIRCLEVILLE OH PTFD

12/23/19 18:43 Accident – Non-Injury DARBY CREEK RDORIENT OH
12/23/19 18:52 Traffic Stop MAIN ST SBPD
12/23/19 18:54 Traffic Stop E SOUTH ST ASHVILLE OH APD
12/23/19 19:27 Traffic Stop FRONT ST GOOD-HOPE NHPD
12/23/19 19:45 Suspicious Vehicle WAMPLER DR STOUTSVILLE OH
12/23/19 20:26 Accident – Injury US 23 CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO
12/23/19 20:37 Accident – Injury ASHVILLE PIKE LOCKBOURNE HTFD
12/23/19 20:57 Suspicious Vehicle SR 762 ORIENT OH PCSO
12/23/19 21:30 Warrant SR 674 N CANAL OH PCSO

On December 23rd 2019 at 2130 hours this unit was
dispatched to Slate Run Metro Park located at 1375 SR 674
N, CANAL WINCHESTER, OH 43110 to meet with Fairfield
County Sheriff’s Office. FCSO had Conin Cookson detained
and ready for pick up on a warrant out of Pickaway County. I
picked up Conin from FCSO and transported him to the
Pickaway County Jail and served him a copy of his warrant. I
cleared the jail with no further incident.

12/23/19 22:22 Alarm Drop – Fire – TARLTON RD CIRCLEVILLE OH PTFD
12/23/19 22:28 Traffic Stop SR 752 ASHVILLE APD
12/23/19 22:58 Emergency Squad Run HUDSON RD ORIENT OH STFD