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Pickaway Sheriff Reports for 12/18/19


PICKAWAY – Pickaway Reports for 12/18/2019 filtered by relevance.

12/18/19 00:53 Accident – Hit/Skip SR 56 E CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO
12/18/19 01:30 Emergency Squad Run US 62 ORIENT OH SJAD
12/18/19 01:43 Suspicious Vehicle WELCH RD COMMERCIAL OH PCSO
12/18/19 02:02 Alarm Drop – Lifeline ARAPAHO DR CIRCLEVILLE OH PTFD
12/18/19 02:09 Alarm Drop – Residence BELL STATION RD CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO

On 12-18-2019 at 0213 hours, this unit was dispatched to
7080 Bell Station Rd for a reported alarm drop. Upon my
arrival I checked all doors to the building. Everything checked

12/18/19 02:20 911 Hang Up WEIGAND RD LOCKBOURNE OH PCSO

On December 18, 2019 at 0220, this reporting Deputy
responded to Weigand Road on a 911 hang-up. Upon
arrival. There appeared to be nobody at the business but I
could not make entry due to a high fence and a locked gate.
Nothing appeared unusual or out of place.

12/18/19 03:13 Traffic Stop SR 762 PCSO

12/18/19 03:45 Prowlers SOUTH ALY COMMERCIAL OH CPPD
12/18/19 04:01 Accidental Call
12/18/19 04:16 Accident – Hit/Skip PCSO
12/18/19 04:21 Traffic Stop S WALNUT ST ASHVILLE OH SBPD
12/18/19 04:59 Alarm Drop – Business SR 752 ASHVILLE OH APD


12/18/19 06:22 Accidental Call
12/18/19 07:08 Alarm Drop – Fire – W MAIN ST TARLTON OH TFD
12/18/19 07:22 Disabled Vehicle US 23 ASHVILLE OH SBPD
12/18/19 07:56 Traffic Stop NEW HOLLAND OH NHPD


12/18/19 08:53 Civil Papers S COURT ST CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO
12/18/19 09:13 Emergency Squad Run SR 762 ORIENT OH STFD
12/18/19 09:20 EMD SR 674 S ASHVILLE OH HTFD
12/18/19 09:23 Assist Other Officer PICKAWAY ST ASHVILLE OH SBPD
12/18/19 09:30 Emergency Squad Run LUDWIG CIRCLEVILLE OH PTFD
12/18/19 10:46 Emergency Squad Run LOCKBOURNE ASHVILLE OH HTFD

12/18/19 10:55 Something on Roadway US 23 CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO

On 12-18-2019 at 1058 hours, I was dispatched to US 23
near Emerson Road for a trash can in the roadway. I
checked the area, located the trash can laying in the ditch
south of Emerson Road near Scippo Creek. Since it was not
longer a traffic hazard, I later cleared the scene.

12/18/19 11:47 Accident – Non-Injury MILL ST OH PCSO

12/18/19 12:29 Harassment – Threats or RIVERVIEW RD OH PCSO

On 12-18-2019 at 1231 hours, I was dispatched to the lobby
of the Sheriff’s Office on a complaint on a person. Upon my
arrival, I met with the caller, who advised she
and her son got into a verbal argument earlier today. She
stated her son, got her all worked up and recorded her screaming and yelling at him. She was afraid he was going to try to have her put in a nursing home, stating she was crazy. I advised Her that is not how things work and she did not have to worry.

12/18/19 13:07 Complaint – Trash CROWNOVER MOUNT PCSO

On 12-18-2019 at 1408 hours, this unit was dispatched to the
Army Corp of Engineers office at Deer Creek Road to
meet with Complaint about two dozen tires dumped at
one of the gravel parking lots near the dam. This unit located
the tires on Crownover Mill Road just south of Crownover
Road at the top of the hill. I counted 25 tires in total which
were all in varying types and sizes. Victium is unsure of when
the tires were dumped. This unit took pictures of the tires.
The Engineer’s Office said they would clean up the tires.

12/18/19 13:43 Complaint – Loud Music JEFFERSON AVE ASHVILLE OH APD
12/18/19 14:20 Traffic Stop NEW HOLLAND OH NHPD


12/18/19 15:39 Emergency Squad Run BURRO LN ORIENT OH SJAD
12/18/19 16:34 Traffic Stop US 23 SBPD
12/18/19 16:40 Emergency Squad Run S WATER ST OH WADES
12/18/19 17:03 Civil Papers GULICK RD ORIENT OH PCSO
12/18/19 17:03 Traffic Stop EGYPT PIKE NEW HOLLAND OH NHPD

12/18/19 17:03 Complaint – Property US 62 ORIENT OH PCSO

On December 18, 2019 about 1710 hrs, this unit responded to
9386 US 62 on a report of a lost trash can. Contact was
made with the reporter/victim, who stated that
he had placed the Rumpke can out for trash day. When he
went back to retrieve it, it was no longer there. He
advised that he looked along the road and did not see it. It is
appears that unknown person(s) took the can.



On 12-18-19 this unit was dispatched to Swackhammer
Rd on a theft. The victim left on Sunday morning and returned
on Monday night. She noticed that money and her jewelry
were missing.

12/18/19 17:39 Warrant S HIGH ST COLUMBUS PCSO
12/18/19 17:41 Civil Papers US 62 ORIENT OH PCSO

12/18/19 17:53 Assist Fayette Co. GRICE RD OH PCSO

On December 18, 2019 about 1746 hrs, this unit was advised
of a pursuit involving Washington Court House PD (WCH).
Dispatch advised that WCH P.D. was in pursuit of a white
sedan on Egypt Pk. approaching St Rt 207. This unit
responded from the Village of Derby. The pursuit was
reported to be eastbound on Cook-Yankeetown. This unit
decided to attempt to head the pursuit off at Yankeetown Pk.
and Pherson Pk. Prior to arriving in the area, Dispatch
advised that the pursuit was heading westbound on US 22
toward New Holland from Williamsport. I decided to continue
south through Williamsport and proceed west on US 22 in
case the pursuit turned around. This unit turned onto
Chillicothe Pk. from Yankeetown Pk. and observed
emergency lights coming toward me from the south. I
stopped at Keyes Rd. in an attempt to retrieve the stop sticks
from the rear of the cruiser. I was unable due to the suspect
vehicle passing my location.
I saw that there were three cruisers involved in the pursuit. I
was able to turn around and join the pursuit. The suspect
vehicle continued north onto Yankeetown Pk. and failed to
negotiate the right hand curve. The suspect vehicle struck a
ditch and continued northbound through a cut bean field. All
pursuing units were able to enter the field via a lane
accessing the field. I was the rear vehicle and I was unable to
see the suspect vehicle at this time. I was following the three
pursuing units at about 55 to 60 MPH. A observed two of the
(WCH) cruisers strike a drainage ditch in the field. The two
cruisers appeared to be disabled. The third cruiser continued
the pursuit with this unit following.
I observed emergency flashers activated near a house at
8531 Grice Rd. It was the suspect vehicle and it was stopped
with the driver’s door open. I drove around the area
attempting to locate a suspect.

12/18/19 18:07 Assist Other Officer GRICE RD OH WADES
12/18/19 18:25 Traffic Stop US 23 PCSO
12/18/19 18:28 Traffic Stop BURROUGHS DR ASHVILLE APD
12/18/19 18:40 Traffic Stop S WALNUT ST ASHVILLE OH SBPD
12/18/19 18:49 Accident – Injury KINGSTON OH PTFD
12/18/19 19:03 Accidental Call

12/18/19 19:05 Alarm Drop – Business S UNION ST ASHVILLE OH SBPD
12/18/19 19:05 Traffic Stop LONG ST ASHVILLE OH APD
12/18/19 19:22 Emergency Squad Run SR 674 S ASHVILLE OH HTFD
12/18/19 19:24 Traffic Stop LONG ST ASHVILLE OH APD
12/18/19 19:25 Alarm Drop – Fire – SUMMIT AVE CIRCLEVILLE OH PTFD
12/18/19 20:04 Traffic Stop SR 762 PCSO
12/18/19 20:14 Suspicious Vehicle LAURELVILLE OH PCSO

On 12-18-18 at about 2018 hrs this unit was dispatched to the
Amish School on a car parked in the driveway and flash lights
inside the school. I arrived and did not see any car in the driveway. I checked and found the doors to the school was unlocked. One door did have a broken door knob. Officer looked inside the stove and noticed that there was fresh wood inside. Nothing appeared to be out of place. Before leaving an Amish man showed up. He had noticed us there and was checking things out. He advised that they had a meeting tonight and had just
left a few minutes ago. He said that they do not lock the doors
and they knew about the broken knob. Everything checked ok.

12/18/19 20:33 Fire – Structure EAST ST ASHVILLE OH HTFD
12/18/19 20:37 Traffic Stop SR 104 PCSO
12/18/19 21:03 Emergency Squad Run SR 762 ORIENT OH STFD
12/18/19 21:16 Burglary/B&E S MAIN ST OH PCSO
12/18/19 21:40 Traffic Stop S WALNUT ST ASHVILLE OH SBPD
12/18/19 21:58 Traffic Stop PCSO
12/18/19 22:08 Emergency Squad Run HAYESVILLE RD KINGSTON OH TFD

12/18/19 22:17 Domestic S MAIN ST PCSO

On December 18, 2019 about 2220 hrs, this unit along with
Sgt. Schleich responded to S. Main St. on a report of a
verbal domestic disturbance. It was found that the residents,
a female along with her live in boyfriend, began arguing due to him having a drug issue and him not paying his share of the bills. He stated that she never stops arguing with him. He
appeared to be under the influence of a drug. He admitted to
smoking marijuana prior to our arrival. He agreed to
stay in his garage for a while to let things calm down.

12/18/19 22:25 Traffic Stop US 23 SBPD
12/18/19 22:38 Accident – Injury US 23 CIRCLEVILLE PCSO
12/18/19 23:11 Alarm Drop – Fire – GARY ST ASHVILLE OH HTFD
12/18/19 23:14 Gas Leak CROMLEY ST ASHVILLE OH STFD