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Pickaway Sheriff Offical Results Were Close, Will We Get a Recount?


PICKAWAY – Official results for Pickaway county sheriff Matthew Hafey (R) has defeated incumbent Robert Radcliff by only 331 votes. Total votes for both was 14,050 for Hafey and 13,719 for Sheriff Radcliff after official results are in. Some questions that have immediately come up are, is there going to be an automatic recount since the election was close.

That answer is No because even though the election is close in our terms it does not fall within a half of a percent of total votes to initiate a automatic recount, but their could still be a recount.

A recount can be requested by the candidates within five days after official results are certified at their cost. The deadline for completion is within 10 days of the request. For presidential general elections, the recount must be completed no later than six days before the meeting of the Electoral College. Cost for such a recount would be at 60 dollar per precinct as a security deposit, Pickaway county has 42. The requester is responsible for costs associated with the recount unless the recount changes the election outcome in the requester’s favor, in which case costs are refunded. If the recount changed the results in a precinct by 4% or more in favor of the requester, the cost of the recount in any such precinct is refunded to the requester even if the overall recount did not change the election outcome.

Sheriff Mathew Hafey told Sciotopost that Sheriff Radcliff and He have had conversations on a peaceful transfer of power, and that Radcliff would help Hafey in any way that he could.