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Pickaway County Releases Violation Order for Mask Enforcement in County

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PICKAWAY – Pickaway County Health department has released a guideline to violations of mask order Gov Dewine implemented today.

“Pickaway County Public Health continues to monitor the COVID-19 data and
information provided by the state. We take this situation and the health of the
Pickaway County Residents very seriously. In order to continue protecting the
citizens of this community, PCPH is implementing a COVID-19 enforcement
program for businesses to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and adhere to the
Ohio Department of Health Director’s orders.”

The violation program will be implemented as followed

  • As PCPH, receives the first complaint of a violation, the business will be
    contacted and made aware of the rules for businesses.
  •  The second complaint will trigger a visit to assess the business. If the
    complaint is assessed as valid, the business will be issued a “Notice of
  •  Upon the third complaint, another “Notice of Violation” signed by the
    Health Commissioner will be issued and the business will receive a fine of
    not more than $750.
  •  The fourth complaint may result in a cease and desist closure.

PCPH is provided this authority under ORC 3701.56, stating that health
departments can enforce any order that ODH adopts. The program can be
implemented under ORC 3701.352 which states, “A violation of R.C 3701.352 is
guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, which can include a fine of
not more than $750 or not more than 90 days in jail, or both”.
For more information on the Health Director’s order, please refer to
coronavirus.ohio.gov under Public Orders. If you have any questions or concerns,
please call PCPH at 740-477-9667 ext. 236.

Please be aware that Public Health must support these rules not law enforcement.