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Grant Davis Wins Pickaway Clerk of Courts


Pickaway County – Another heavy race is the race for Clerk of Courts after one was appointed to the position after a long-time candidate retired.

Incumbent Grant Davis was appointed by the Pickaway County Board of Commissioners to serve as the Interim Clerk of Courts after Jim Dean announced his retirement from office in 2023.  Since then Davis has worked to modernize the County Clerks office with a new website that highlights critical features of the office and further increases accessibility and transparency. ” Our office has begun accepting public records requests via email, or by filling out a form on our website. We’ve successfully implemented online imaging, which allows the public to view court documents online. We also expanded the hours of operation at both of our offices on day one, at no additional cost to the taxpayer” said Davis. In November of 2023, he opened up the Pickaway County Title Department on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Tracey Garrett was born and raised in Pickaway County and graduated from Westfall High School. After High school, she went to Ohio University where she earned a business management degree. Since then she has worked as an operations manger for 20 years, and currently, she holds office in Williamsport as village Council for the past five years. Since 2022 she has been the fiscal officer for the Village of Williamsport. “I won grants for the village, and re-negotiated contracts for the village saving thousands of dollars every year.”

At 850 pm on Election night 43 of 43 precincts reporting

Grant Davis leads with early voting 5,767 votes

to Tracey Garretts 3,667 votes

Race is still early we will have up to the minute updates