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Pickaway County Purchases Private Road Used in Daily Commutes


PICKAWAY – A road in Pickaway county has changed hands from Private to County-owned property after Pickaway Commissioners had the opportunity to purchase it.

The road currently called Access road is located beside 20615 US-23 South (Fletchers Towing service) was owned by a private owner but according to Chris Mullins from the Pickaway County Engineer office over 500 cars, a day-use that road.

Mullins said that a lot of complaints came from the road because most people thought it was a county road, and it was in poor condition. That’s why the engineering department approached Pickaway Commissioners to possibly purchase the road.

“Many people use the road. It was bumpy at its best and absolutely dangerous in its current state. Most everyone thought it was a county or township road. So this was a logical move to take responsibility for it. Jay, Champ, and I were pleased to say “yes” when Chris approached us about it,” said Commissioner Gary Scherer.

Pickaway Commissioners settled on a 13,000 dollar purchase price for the 1.3 acres of property and approved 140,000 dollar road repair on the road.

“Because of the heavy truck use on the road the new asphalt profile will be 9 inches thick that will keep the road in good condition for a while, said Pickaway County Engineer.

This road gives access to the North West side of the county by way of Island road and Commerical Circleville Point road.

Currently, the road is closed but construction crews were working on the road this morning.