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Pickaway County – Man Who Continues to Violate Protection Orders Found Hiding in Woman’s Basement


Pickaway County – Sheriff’s department was called out to a New Holland home again last night after a woman came home and her front door was open, she immediately called 911.

Over the past three months, Chris Agin has harassed the family at the 27000 blocks of SR-207 being arrested several times for violations of a TPO (Temporary Protection Order). Most in the past have been threatening messages contacted via letters and text sent through the mail and by phone, but this time he took it a step further.

When the Deputies arrived on Wednesday night they found the home was entered and suspected that he had left through the back door and was in the woods. The Sheriff’s department asked for a helicopter from the Ohio State Highway Patrol to search the wooded area behind the home for the man. After hours of searching one Deputy found the man deep inside a crawl space inside the home in the basement where he was hiding from officers. He was taken into custody without issues.

Over the past three months Chris Agin, 59 has been charged with, Domestic Violence, Violation of Protection order, telephone harassment, violation of a protection order, Violation of a protection order, assault, menacing by stalking against same person, violation of protection order, aggravated assault, telephone harassment, intimidation, victim witness by force, menacing by stalking, violation of protection order, violation of protection order, intimidation victim witness by force, and violation of protection order. Sixteen total charges against the victim in this case, he is being held again at the Pickaway County Jail.

Agin has been indicted for his crimes.