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Pickaway County Jail Report 5 Deficiencies, Sheriff Pleased With Inspection


PICKAWAY – Pickaway County Jail was inspected this week and the Department of Rehabilitation & Correction found five deficiencies three of the essential and two important in criteria. Sheriff Hafey said he’s pleased with the inspection.

Sheriff Matthew O. Hafey sais, “The Pickaway County Jail had only 5 deficiencies on this inspection, which far surpasses the inspections in the last several years. The staff has already been diligently working to correct the deficiencies and have submitted the plan of action to B.A.D. for review. Our goal is to be 100% compliant for the 2022 inspection.”

In total, the Pickaway County Jail was within compliance with 172 standards, 51 Essential and 121 important inspection points.

Sheriff Hafey says he attributes the drastic improvement to the entire jail staff, “Upon taking office in January, improving the jail was the number one priority on his agenda. Chief Deputy James Brown Jr (jail administrator from January to June) and Lt. Hunter Lane (current administrator) worked diligently with the existing staff to not only correct existing problems but also to increasing the jail staff to current levels. By increasing the staff, it allowed for supervisors to focus more on managing the facility rather than doing the day-to-day operations. The staff made these vast improvements while dealing with the COVID pandemic and the problems it presented in correctional institution settings.”

The report is below: