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Pickaway County – Hugh White Player of the Game Ian Roese


Tonight’s Hugh White player of the game is #52 Ian Roese! Ian plays both sides of the ball as a defensive end and offensive guard. Ian’s ability to play with his heart and soul on every down makes him a true leader on the team. Ian recorded 4 tackles and had a comanding presence on the line that helped lead the Brave’s  to a 48-21 win over Fairfield Union. Congratulations.

Logan Elm vs. Fairfield Union
9/15/23, 7:00 PM
Regular Season
Fairfield Union High School

  1  2  3  4 Total
Logan Elm20771448
Fairfield Union0014721

1st Quarter
LE: Landon Thompson 75 yd Rush (TD) 6-0
LE: Dawsen Hudson (PAT) 7-0
LE: Landon Thompson 3 yd Rush (TD) 13-0
LE: Landon Thompson 5 yd Rush (TD) 19-0
LE: Dawsen Hudson (PAT) 20-0
2nd Quarter
LE: Keegan Diehl 2 yd Pass from Aaron Walters (CNV) 26-0
LE: Dawsen Hudson (PAT) 27-0
3rd Quarter
FU: Fairfield Union 1 32 yd Pass from Fairfield Union 1 (CNV) 27-6
FU: Fairfield Union 15 (PAT) 27-7
FU: Fairfield Union 1 38 yd Rush (TD) 27-13
FU: (PAT) 27-14
LE: Carson Summers 9 yd Pass from Aaron Walters (CNV) 33-14
LE: Dawsen Hudson (PAT) 34-14
4th Quarter
LE: Michael Bock 55 yd Rush (TD) 40-14
LE: Dawsen Hudson (PAT) 41-14
FU: Fairfield Union 1 4 yd Rush (TD) 41-20
FU: (PAT) 41-21
LE: Austin Holbrook 1 yd Rush (TD) 47-21
LE: Dawsen Hudson (PAT) 48-21

Game Summary    Logan Elm    Fairfield Union
First Downs2119
Passing Yards24292
3rd Down Conv612416
4th Down Conv00211
FG Made-Att0000
Time of Possession25:3722:25
No.PlayerRushesYardsTDsFumbles    No.PlayerRushesYardsTDsFumbles
1Landon Thompson14139311Fairfield Union 15028523
23Michael Bock1112910
8Austin Holbrook23610
4Aaron Walters52300
33Damien Hebb1100
No.PlayerCompAttYardsTDINT    No.PlayerCompAttYardsTDINT
4Aaron Walters1016242221Fairfield Union 14109411
No.PlayerRecYardsTDs    No.PlayerRecYardsTDs
6Carson Summers313211Fairfield Union 14941
13Hunter Kersey4700
81Camden Redd1320
7Cameron Smith160
12Keegan Diehl121
No.PlayerMadeAttAvgLong    No.PlayerMadeAttAvgLong
No.PlayerMadeAtt    No.PlayerMadeAtt
80Dawsen Hudson6715Fairfield Union 1511
No.PlayerPuntsAvgLong    No.PlayerPuntsAvgLong
23Michael Bock127.0271Fairfield Union 1136.036
No.PlayerRetYardsTDs    No.PlayerRetYardsTDs
25Tyler Bowlby11601Fairfield Union 18420
6Carson Summers160
4Aaron Walters100
1Landon Thompson100
No.PlayerRetYardsTDs    No.PlayerRetYardsTDs
1Landon Thompson3701Fairfield Union 1100
No.PlayerTacklesSacksYardsINT    No.PlayerTacklesSacksYardsINT
5Chase Stevenson1.00.000
6Carson Summers0.50.001
12Keegan Diehl5.50.000
25Tyler Bowlby0.50.000
84Justin Marcum2.00.000
58Conner Green1.00.000
65Bryce Perkins8.50.000
1Landon Thompson3.50.000
9Gavin Hoover6.00.000
51Colton Eplin0.50.000
14Joshua Hunter4.00.000
52Ian Roese4.00.000
69Malachi Gibson0.01.000
67Isaac Walters4.00.000
81Camden Redd4.00.000
7Cameron Smith4.00.000


QtrDate/TimeDownTo GoBall OnTeamNo.PlayerTypeYardsResultScoreNotes
1st9/15/23 6:59:27 PM110LE 40LE1Landon ThompsonKickoff30
FU1Fairfield Union 1Kick return0
1st9/15/23 7:00:32 PM110FU 30FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush4
LE52Ian RoeseAsst tackle
LE51Colton EplinAsst tackle
1st9/15/23 7:00:54 PM26FU 34FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush4
LE65Bryce PerkinsAsst tackle
LE67Isaac WaltersAsst tackle
1st9/15/23 7:01:23 PM32FU 38FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush14First Down
LE14Joshua HunterSolo tackle
1st9/15/23 7:01:28 PM110LE 48FUIncompletion
1st9/15/23 7:02:16 PM210LE 48FUCompletion-2
LE9Gavin HooverAsst tackle
LE12Keegan DiehlAsst tackle
1st9/15/23 7:02:46 PM31250FUTimeout
1st9/15/23 7:04:31 PM31250FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush5
LE65Bryce PerkinsAsst tackle
LE12Keegan DiehlAsst tackle
1st9/15/23 7:05:12 PM47LE 45FUPunt35
LE1Landon ThompsonPunt return7
1st9/15/23 7:05:36 PM110LE 17LE1Landon ThompsonRush3
1st9/15/23 7:06:22 PM27LE 20LE4Aaron WaltersCompletion5
LE13Hunter KerseyReception5
1st9/15/23 7:07:02 PM32LE 25LE1Landon ThompsonRush75Touchdown6-0
1st9/15/23 7:07:47 PM13FU 3LE80Dawsen HudsonExtra PointMade7-0
1st9/15/23 7:09:34 PM110LE 40LE1Landon ThompsonKickoff20
FU1Fairfield Union 1Kick return0
1st9/15/23 7:10:11 PM110FU 40FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush8
1st9/15/23 7:10:49 PM22FU 48FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush13First Down
LE7Cameron SmithSolo tackle
1st9/15/23 7:11:34 PM110LE 39FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush12First Down
LE52Ian RoeseSolo tackle
1st9/15/23 7:12:08 PM110LE 27FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush12First Down
LE6Carson SummersAsst tackle
LE14Joshua HunterAsst tackle
1st9/15/23 7:12:29 PM110LE 15FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush4
LE65Bryce PerkinsSolo tackle
1st9/15/23 7:13:01 PM26LE 11FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush1
LE58Conner GreenSolo tackle
1st9/15/23 7:13:36 PM35LE 10FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush2
LE65Bryce PerkinsAsst tackle
LE52Ian RoeseAsst tackle
1st9/15/23 7:14:08 PM43LE 8FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush0
FU1Fairfield Union 1Fumbled
LE9Gavin HooverRecovered fumble0
1st9/15/23 7:15:18 PM110LE 15LE23Michael BockRush32First Down
1st9/15/23 7:15:58 PM110LE 47LE4Aaron WaltersCompletion50
LE6Carson SummersReception50First Down
1st9/15/23 7:16:16 PM13FU 3LE1Landon ThompsonRush3Touchdown13-0
1st9/15/23 7:16:42 PM13FU 3LE80Dawsen HudsonExtra PointBlocked
1st9/15/23 7:18:26 PM110LE 40LE1Landon ThompsonKickoff14
FU1Fairfield Union 1Kick return0
1st9/15/23 7:19:15 PM110FU 46FU1Fairfield Union 1Completion13
FU1Fairfield Union 1Reception13First Down
LE14Joshua HunterAsst tackle
LE9Gavin HooverAsst tackle
1st9/15/23 7:19:51 PM110LE 41FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush0
LE1Landon ThompsonAsst tackle
LE65Bryce PerkinsAsst tackle
1st9/15/23 7:19:59 PM210LE 41FU1Fairfield Union 1Incompletion
1st9/15/23 7:20:37 PM310LE 41FU1Fairfield Union 1Incompletion
1st9/15/23 7:21:33 PM410LE 41FU1Fairfield Union 1Punt36
LE1Landon ThompsonPunt return0
1st9/15/23 7:22:24 PM110LE 5LE23Michael BockRush6
1st9/15/23 7:23:02 PM24LE 11LE23Michael BockRush11First Down
1st9/15/23 7:24:06 PM110LE 22LE4Aaron WaltersCompletion73
LE6Carson SummersReception73First Down
1st9/15/23 7:24:35 PM15FU 5LE1Landon ThompsonRush5Touchdown19-0
1st9/15/23 7:25:10 PM13FU 3LE80Dawsen HudsonExtra PointMade20-0
1st9/15/23 7:26:56 PM110LE 40LE27Hunter SchoenbornKickoff36
FU1Fairfield Union 1Kick return11
LE9Gavin HooverAsst tackle
LE65Bryce PerkinsAsst tackle
1st9/15/23 7:27:19 PM110FU 35FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush0
LE12Keegan DiehlSolo tackle
2nd9/15/23 7:29:12 PM210FU 35FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush4
LE9Gavin HooverSolo tackle
2nd9/15/23 7:29:51 PM36FU 39FUPenalty: False Start5Repeat Down
2nd9/15/23 7:31:31 PM311FU 34FU1Fairfield Union 1Interception thrown13
LE6Carson SummersInterception caught0
2nd9/15/23 7:31:46 PM110FU 47LE4Aaron WaltersCompletion34
LE13Hunter KerseyReception34First Down
2nd9/15/23 7:31:53 PM110FU 13LE1Landon ThompsonRush2
2nd9/15/23 7:32:23 PM28FU 11LE4Aaron WaltersIncompletion
2nd9/15/23 7:33:31 PM38FU 11LE4Aaron WaltersRush9First Down
2nd9/15/23 7:35:01 PM12FU 2LE4Aaron WaltersCompletion2
LE12Keegan DiehlReception2Touchdown26-0
2nd9/15/23 7:35:29 PM13FU 3LE80Dawsen HudsonExtra PointMade27-0
2nd9/15/23 7:37:16 PM110LE 40LE27Hunter SchoenbornKickoff36
FU1Fairfield Union 1Kick return9
LE25Tyler BowlbyAsst tackle
LE9Gavin HooverAsst tackle
2nd9/15/23 7:38:09 PM110FU 33FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush7
LE84Justin MarcumSolo tackle
2nd9/15/23 7:38:37 PM23FU 40FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush4First Down
LE65Bryce PerkinsAsst tackle
LE67Isaac WaltersAsst tackle
2nd9/15/23 7:39:06 PM110FU 44FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush6
LE67Isaac WaltersAsst tackle
LE9Gavin HooverAsst tackle
2nd9/15/23 7:39:34 PM2450FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush2
LE12Keegan DiehlSolo tackle
2nd9/15/23 7:40:14 PM32LE 48FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush6First Down
LE52Ian RoeseAsst tackle
LE65Bryce PerkinsAsst tackle
2nd9/15/23 7:40:38 PM110LE 42FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush8
LE67Isaac WaltersSolo tackle
2nd9/15/23 7:41:10 PM22LE 34FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush0
FU1Fairfield Union 1Fumbled
FURecovered fumble4
2nd9/15/23 7:41:56 PM36LE 38FU1Fairfield Union 1Incompletion
2nd9/15/23 7:43:43 PM46LE 38FUPenalty: Holding10Repeat Down
2nd9/15/23 7:44:04 PM416LE 48FUTimeout
2nd9/15/23 7:45:27 PM416LE 48FUPunt36
LE1Landon ThompsonPunt return0
2nd9/15/23 7:46:02 PM110LE 12LE23Michael BockRush1
2nd9/15/23 7:46:43 PM29LE 13LE4Aaron WaltersRush8
2nd9/15/23 7:47:24 PM31LE 21LE4Aaron WaltersRush3First Down
2nd9/15/23 7:47:54 PM110LE 24LE4Aaron WaltersIncompletion
2nd9/15/23 7:48:42 PM210LE 24LE23Michael BockRush11First Down
2nd9/15/23 7:49:09 PM110LE 35LE23Michael BockRush3
2nd9/15/23 7:51:23 PM27LE 38LE4Aaron WaltersCompletion6
LE7Cameron SmithReception6
2nd9/15/23 7:51:54 PM31LE 44LE4Aaron WaltersCompletion16
LE13Hunter KerseyReception16First Down
2nd9/15/23 7:52:33 PM110FU 40LE1Landon ThompsonRush-4
2nd9/15/23 7:53:18 PM214FU 44LE4Aaron WaltersCompletion32
LE81Camden ReddReception32First Down
2nd9/15/23 7:53:35 PM110FU 12LE4Aaron WaltersRush2
2nd9/15/23 7:54:09 PM28FU 10LE4Aaron WaltersIncompletion
2nd9/15/23 7:54:27 PM38FU 10LETimeout
2nd9/15/23 7:55:58 PM38FU 10FUTimeout
2nd9/15/23 7:57:44 PM38FU 10LE4Aaron WaltersInterception thrown5
FUInterception caught20
2nd9/15/23 7:59:26 PM110FU 25FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush15First Down
LE52Ian RoeseSolo tackle
— Halftime —
3rd9/15/23 8:25:40 PM110FU 40FUKickoff60
LE1Landon ThompsonKick return0Touchback
3rd9/15/23 8:26:04 PM110FU 20LEPenalty: False Start5Repeat Down
3rd9/15/23 8:26:30 PM115FU 25LE1Landon ThompsonRush6
3rd9/15/23 8:27:11 PM29FU 19LE4Aaron WaltersRush1
3rd9/15/23 8:28:34 PM38FU 18LE4Aaron WaltersInterception thrown8
FUInterception caught33
3rd9/15/23 8:29:06 PM110FU 43FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush7
FU1Fairfield Union 1Fumbled
FURecovered fumble0
3rd9/15/23 8:29:48 PM2350FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush-1
LE81Camden ReddSolo tackle
3rd9/15/23 8:30:05 PM34FU 49FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush5First Down
LE65Bryce PerkinsSolo tackle
3rd9/15/23 8:30:35 PM110LE 46FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush9
LE81Camden ReddSolo tackle
3rd9/15/23 8:31:12 PM21LE 37FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush-1
LE81Camden ReddAsst tackle
LE65Bryce PerkinsAsst tackle
3rd9/15/23 8:31:43 PM32LE 38FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush0
LE1Landon ThompsonSolo tackle
3rd9/15/23 8:32:33 PM42LE 38FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush6First Down
LE9Gavin HooverSolo tackle
3rd9/15/23 8:32:48 PM110LE 32FU1Fairfield Union 1Completion32
FU1Fairfield Union 1Reception32Touchdown27-6
3rd9/15/23 8:33:21 PM13LE 3FU15Fairfield Union 15Extra PointMade27-7
3rd9/15/23 8:35:22 PM110FU 40FUKickoff40
LE25Tyler BowlbyKick return16
3rd9/15/23 8:35:54 PM110LE 36LE23Michael BockRush3
3rd9/15/23 8:36:25 PM27LE 39LE23Michael BockRush0
3rd9/15/23 8:37:41 PM37LE 39LEPenalty: Holding10Repeat Down
3rd9/15/23 8:37:51 PM317LE 29LE4Aaron WaltersIncompletion
3rd9/15/23 8:38:52 PM417LE 29LE23Michael BockPunt27
FU1Fairfield Union 1Punt return0
3rd9/15/23 8:39:45 PM110FU 44FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush8
3rd9/15/23 8:40:21 PM22LE 48FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush10First Down
LE14Joshua HunterSolo tackle
3rd9/15/23 8:41:27 PM110LE 38FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush38Touchdown27-13
3rd9/15/23 8:42:04 PM13LE 3FUExtra PointMade27-14
3rd9/15/23 8:43:55 PM110FU 40FUKickoff32
LE6Carson SummersKick return6
3rd9/15/23 8:44:40 PM110LE 34LE1Landon ThompsonRush12First Down
3rd9/15/23 8:45:07 PM110LE 46LE1Landon ThompsonRush5
3rd9/15/23 8:45:58 PM25FU 49LE1Landon ThompsonRush14First Down
3rd9/15/23 8:46:22 PM110FU 35LE1Landon ThompsonRush6
3rd9/15/23 8:46:50 PM24FU 29LE1Landon ThompsonRush1
LE1Landon ThompsonFumbled
LERecovered fumble0
3rd9/15/23 8:47:28 PM33FU 28LE4Aaron WaltersCompletion15
LE13Hunter KerseyReception15First Down
3rd9/15/23 8:47:54 PM110FU 13LE1Landon ThompsonRush2
3rd9/15/23 8:48:37 PM28FU 11LE23Michael BockRush2
3rd9/15/23 8:49:30 PM36FU 9LE4Aaron WaltersCompletion9
LE6Carson SummersReception9Touchdown33-14
FUPenalty: Roughing the Passer16
3rd9/15/23 8:50:25 PM13FU 3LE80Dawsen HudsonExtra PointMade34-14
3rd9/15/23 8:54:28 PM110LE 40LE27Hunter SchoenbornKickoff50
FU1Fairfield Union 1Kick return10
LEPenalty: Holding10
3rd9/15/23 8:55:06 PM110FU 10FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush0
LE81Camden ReddSolo tackle
4th9/15/23 8:56:20 PM210FU 10FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush1
LE12Keegan DiehlSolo tackle
4th9/15/23 8:57:25 PM39FU 11FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush8
LE81Camden ReddAsst tackle
LE67Isaac WaltersAsst tackle
4th9/15/23 8:57:40 PM41FU 19FU1Fairfield Union 1Completion11
FU1Fairfield Union 1Reception11First Down
LE14Joshua HunterSolo tackle
4th9/15/23 8:58:32 PM110FU 30FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush25First Down
LE7Cameron SmithSolo tackle
4th9/15/23 8:59:06 PM110LE 45FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush4
LE52Ian RoeseAsst tackle
LE12Keegan DiehlAsst tackle
4th9/15/23 8:59:34 PM26LE 41FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush0
LE9Gavin HooverSolo tackle
4th9/15/23 9:00:04 PM36LE 41FUPenalty: False Start5Repeat Down
4th9/15/23 9:00:37 PM311LE 46FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush6
LE65Bryce PerkinsSolo tackle
4th9/15/23 9:01:07 PM45LE 40FU1Fairfield Union 1IncompletionTurnover on Downs
4th9/15/23 9:01:53 PM110LE 40LE23Michael BockRush5
4th9/15/23 9:02:37 PM25LE 45LE23Michael BockRush55Touchdown40-14
4th9/15/23 9:03:18 PM13FU 3LE80Dawsen HudsonExtra PointMade41-14
4th9/15/23 9:05:04 PM110LE 40LE27Hunter SchoenbornKickoff28
FU1Fairfield Union 1Kick return0
4th9/15/23 9:05:26 PM110FU 32FU1Fairfield Union 1Incompletion
4th9/15/23 9:06:16 PM210FU 32FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush1
LE7Cameron SmithSolo tackle
4th9/15/23 9:07:13 PM39FU 33FU1Fairfield Union 1Completion38
FU1Fairfield Union 1Reception38First Down
LE7Cameron SmithSolo tackle
4th9/15/23 9:07:44 PM110LE 29FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush6
LE65Bryce PerkinsSolo tackle
4th9/15/23 9:08:12 PM24LE 23FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush4First Down
LE12Keegan DiehlSolo tackle
4th9/15/23 9:08:45 PM110LE 19FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush4
LE1Landon ThompsonSolo tackle
4th9/15/23 9:09:29 PM26LE 15FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush7First Down
LE67Isaac WaltersSolo tackle
4th9/15/23 9:10:06 PM18LE 8FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush4
LE1Landon ThompsonSolo tackle
4th9/15/23 9:10:23 PM24LE 4FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush4Touchdown41-20
4th9/15/23 9:10:54 PM13LE 3FUExtra PointMade41-21
4th9/15/23 9:14:15 PM110FU 40FUKickoff5
LE4Aaron WaltersKick return0
4th9/15/23 9:15:13 PM110FU 45LE1Landon ThompsonRush9
4th9/15/23 9:15:50 PM21FU 36LE8Austin HolbrookRush35First Down
4th9/15/23 9:16:40 PM11FU 1LE8Austin HolbrookRush1Touchdown47-21
4th9/15/23 9:17:15 PM13FU 3LE80Dawsen HudsonExtra PointMade48-21
4th9/15/23 9:19:11 PM110LE 40LE27Hunter SchoenbornKickoff31
FU1Fairfield Union 1Kick return12
LE9Gavin HooverAsst tackle
LE65Bryce PerkinsAsst tackle
4th9/15/23 9:19:50 PM110FU 41FU1Fairfield Union 1Sacked-11
LE69Malachi GibsonSolo sack
4th9/15/23 9:20:30 PM221FU 30FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush10
LE5Chase StevensonSolo tackle
4th9/15/23 9:21:07 PM311FU 40FU1Fairfield Union 1Rush0
LE84Justin MarcumSolo tackle
4th9/15/23 9:22:05 PM410FU 41FUTimeout
4th9/15/23 9:23:33 PM410FU 41FUPunt36
LEPunt return0
4th9/15/23 9:24:43 PM110LE 23LE33Damien HebbRush