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Pickaway County – Community Builds New Pickleball Courts in Local Park


PICKAWAY – The Pickaway County Pickleball Association (PCPA) held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday afternoon along with many members of the community.

Julie Strawser, chair of the PCPA steering committee spoke at the ribbon-cutting.

“It’s a great day for Pickleball players current and future in Circleville, Pickaway County, and surrounding. Local Businesses, enthusiasts, City, and Parks came together to build these two public Pickleball courts. Pickleball is a fast-growing sport, that attracts young and old players.”

Before Strawser’s speech, she noted that when they arrived several students from OCU (Ohio Christian University) were playing on the field just before the ribbon cutting.

Strawser mentioned the thirty businesses, small businesses, individual donors, and municipalities that donated to the 42,000 dollar matching funds that would net them another 42,000 dollar grant for Pickleball court.

Strauser mentioned one donator especially¬†who came in clutch at the last minute of donations when she was in line at the local post office, and Bethany Reid from Healthcare Logistics happened to be in front of her. Strawser said that she approached Reid with the idea and told her that they were 3,000 dollars short of the matching funds and they were running out of time. Strawser said the next day they received 5,000 dollar check from the company and a note that said, “good luck with your project it’s a good one.”

“People say there’s nothing to do in Pickaway County, now there Pickleball at Barthelmas Park,” said Strawser.