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Pickaway County Community Action Agency Seeks Community Input for Strategic Planning


For over five decades, the Pickaway County Community Action Agency (PICCA) has been a cornerstone of support and empowerment for individuals and families in the community. With a steadfast commitment to enhancing quality of life and fostering self-sufficiency, PICCA has continuously evolved its range of programs to meet the diverse needs of community members at every stage of life.

From the tender age of newborns to seasoned retirees, PICCA’s comprehensive programs serve as a vital safety net, offering a spectrum of services tailored to address various challenges. Whether individuals require short-term assistance or seek long-term life planning guidance, PICCA’s initiatives are meticulously designed to nurture holistic development and pave the path toward success.

The organization’s extensive portfolio spans crucial areas such as child education, family finance management, employment opportunities and education, housing assistance, and access to health-building meals. Recognizing the multifaceted nature of individuals’ lives, PICCA’s programs take into account every aspect of a person’s journey, aiming to uplift and empower individuals across all spheres of their existence.

As PICCA embarks on updating its multi-year strategic plan, community input stands as a cornerstone of this process. Seeking to ensure that its initiatives remain responsive to the evolving needs of the community, PICCA invites residents to contribute their perspectives and insights through a brief, anonymous survey.

Community members are encouraged to participate in the survey, which will serve as a valuable tool in shaping the future direction of PICCA’s endeavors. By sharing their thoughts and experiences, residents can play an active role in shaping the programs and services that directly impact their lives and the lives of those around them.

To access the survey and make your voice heard, please click on the link provided below. Your participation is invaluable in helping PICCA continue its mission of empowering individuals and strengthening the fabric of our community.

[Survey Link]

Thank you for your contribution and for sharing the survey with your professional and personal networks. Together, we can create a brighter future for all members of the Pickaway County community.