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Pickaway County – Brown Memorial Home Recreates ESPN Sports Center Photo for Michigan Ohio State Game


Pickaway – A local retirement home jumped into the excitement of “The Big Game” that occurs this weekend the Xichigan/Ohio State game.

“This is always the biggest game of the year and all of the residents know of this rivalry. We do fun stuff like this throughout the year, but not only did we feel like doing the ESPN set but the controversy surrounding the Michigan cheating scandal we thought we would have fun with it,” said Nathan Carder CEO of Brown Memorial Home.

The Michigan football sign-stealing scandal continues to develop in Ann Arbor, even heating up more this week. Michigan suspended staff member Connor Stalions bought tickets to not only Big Ten teams but also to other teams that Michigan may have faced. The Tickets were purchased within viewing range of the team’s sidelines, coaching staff, and recording their signals. Since the news broke, the staff member and Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh have been suspended from the team in the wake of the investigation. This week more information has come out and a new person of interest former assistant coach Chris Partridge a UM booster “Uncle T” who may have funded this, “cheating.”

Residents at Brown poked fun at this scandal with signs that say Harbaugh stole my walker, Harbaugh stole my teeth, Harbaugh stole my wallet, my wife, my passwords, my hearing, and other statements. Only one person in the facility actually supported the team up north. The other residents think that Ohio State will win this weekend by at least 10 points.

“It’s fun, it gets people out of their rooms and gets them involved in current events,” said Carder, “We want to connect them to current events when you live inside these walls and don’t leave much, you lose connection on what’s going on out in the world and we want to reconnect that here. We take it for granted, that we are capable of leaving here and going home, so we become an extension of their families here, we share whats going on in our lives, and whats going on in the world. We take pride in that.”

Staff members made all the shirts for the residents, ‘ signs and put together the signage to look like the ESPN gameday desk.

Ohio State takes on Xichigan Saturday 11/25/23 at Noon it will be televised on FOX