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Pickaway County – Ashville Woman Sentenced for Cocaine Trafficking, Released on Appeal


Ashville, OH – Marinda Perrill, a 39-year-old woman from Ashville, faced justice this week in Pickaway Common Pleas Court after being convicted of multiple drug trafficking charges. Perrill, who sold cocaine to undercover agents in 2022, was sentenced to prison, but shortly after, her lawyer filed an appeal, leading to her release on bond.

The case against Perrill stemmed from a six-month investigation conducted by the South Central Ohio Major Crimes Unit, the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office, the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), and the Grove City Police Department. In 2022, detectives made three controlled purchases of cocaine from Perrill at her place of employment, Salon Lofts in Grove City. The investigation suggested Perrill was using her residence to distribute narcotics across Pickaway and Franklin Counties.

With sufficient evidence, authorities charged Perrill with multiple felonies. On May 4, 2022, Pickaway County Sheriff Detectives, along with the Major Crimes Taskforce, conducted surveillance of her residence on Saint Paul Rd and arrested her after a traffic stop. During the stop, a K9 unit detected drugs in the vehicle, leading to the discovery of THC edibles, amphetamine salts, a gray zipper bag containing a white powder substance, scales, and cocaine.

Perrill was charged with several counts of trafficking and possession of cocaine. Initially indicted in 2022, her case saw delays due to her attorney’s family emergency, leading to a dismissal in August 2023. She was re-indicted in November 2023 and, after pleading not guilty for several months, changed her plea to no contest in a deal that included three charges of trafficking and one count of possession.

During her pre-sentence investigation, Perrill tested positive for cocaine, resulting in the revocation of her bond and her arrest on May 15. This week, after serving five weeks in jail, Perrill was sentenced to 4 to 6 years in prison, fined $10,000, and mandated probation upon release.

However, on Friday, June 28, Perrill’s lawyer filed an appeal, and she was granted a recognizance bond of $50,000. After making bond, Perrill was released until her next court date.