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MORPC Seeks Public Input on Major Transportation Projects in Fairfield County


COLUMBUS, OH, June 28, 2024 – The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) is inviting public comments on several proposed projects seeking funding from the Ohio Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC).

TRAC is responsible for evaluating and selecting many of ODOT’s most significant transportation investments through the Major New Capacity Program. These projects, each with a total cost exceeding $12 million, aim to enhance transportation capacity and are vital for the mobility, economic development, and quality of life of Ohio residents. The 2024 application period closed in May, with five projects from the MORPC Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) region and two from the CORPO Rural Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) region, including Fairfield, Franklin, Knox, and Pickaway counties, submitted for funding. Final decisions by TRAC are expected later this year.

As part of the selection process, ODOT relies on MPOs like MORPC and RTPOs like CORPO to gather local input by prioritizing applications for projects within their planning boundaries.

“Central Ohio is growing rapidly – on pace to reach 3.15 million people by 2050. Projects like these are essential for preparing and accommodating this growth within our mobility network,” said Parag Agrawal, MORPC’s Chief Mobility and Infrastructure Officer & Senior Director of Programming. “The prioritization process involves a thorough analysis of each project to ensure alignment with the region’s transportation and development goals as detailed in the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP).”

The public is encouraged to provide feedback on each application to better understand local perspectives.

Featured Projects

I-71 & Taylor Road/SR 256 Interchanges

This project aims to improve the Interstate 70 interchanges at State Route 256 and Taylor Road in Fairfield and Licking Counties. Planned work includes realigning ramps at SR 256, adding auxiliary lanes between SR 256 and Taylor Road, constructing a new bridge over I-70 for Taylor Road SW with ramps to I-70, and adding turn lanes at the intersections of SR 204/Taylor Road and Taylor Road/Taylor Road SW. ODOT District 5 is requesting $7 million for right-of-way acquisition in fiscal year 2025.

US 33 Southeast Corridor (I-270 to Fairfield County)

This project proposes widening US Route 33 from four lanes to six lanes between I-270 and Diley Road in Fairfield County. Additional improvements include upgrading the I-270/US 33 interchange and replacing two existing at-grade intersections at US 33/Bixby Road and US 33/Rager Road with a grade-separated interchange at Bixby Road. The Rager Road intersection will be converted into two cul-de-sacs on either side of US 33. ODOT District 6 is seeking $145 million for construction in fiscal year 2026.

Public Feedback

Residents are encouraged to share their thoughts and feedback on these projects to ensure community needs and perspectives are considered. Feedback can be submitted through MORPC’s official channels.

For more information, visit MORPC’s website or contact their office directly.