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Pickaway Commissioner Make Preference on Auditors Race Known


Letter to the Editor:

As the Pickaway County Commissioners, we wanted to write to explain to the public why we
have chosen to support Brad Washburn for Pickaway County Auditor.
With an open seat for that position, the voters can look outside of that office and seek new
vision, new ideas and new leadership. Instead of hiring from within, taxpayers should embrace
the idea of having a person with a banking background like Brad’s take the office in a new
The notion that experience within an office is the only pre qualification to be able to do the job
is not true. Brad will have the benefit of surrounding county auditors and others to help him
along on some job specific duties. He will not be the first ever new county auditor elected. We
are confident that with his experience he will be able to lead the office into the future
In fact, all three of us come from extensive private sector backgrounds. Be it agriculture,
accounting, or business management it is that outside thinking and experience that has allowed
us to better serve our community.
We appreciate someone like Brad who realizes there are many ways to use new technologies
and practices to enhance the office to better serve taxpayers. We have the confidence in Brad
Washburn to come to the commissioners with honest assessments of where county dollars can
and should be budgeted and spent.
Lastly, we are most confident in Brad’s ability to implement the customer service structure that
is necessary in public facing offices like that of an Auditor. All reviews of his work in banking
indicate that taxpayers and visitors to the office will be treated with the respect they deserve.
It is for these reasons and more, we are happy to endorse Brad Washburn for Pickaway County
Commissioners Harold Henson, Jay Wippel and Gary Scherer