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Petland Targeted in New Ohio Bill that Would Regulate Puppy Mills


State Representative Michele Grim (D-Toledo) has spearheaded efforts to garner support for House Bill 443, a legislative measure designed to combat the sale of puppies from puppy mills at stores throughout Ohio.

Grim emphasized the need for action, stating, “Under the current statewide regulations, retailers like Petland have been known to procure puppies from puppy mills and subsequently sell these unhealthy animals to unsuspecting families.”

House Bill 443, a bipartisan initiative introduced on March 12 by Grim and Sara Carruthers, seeks to amend the Ohio Revised Code to empower local governments to regulate the sale of puppies in retail establishments.

“Local communities should have the authority to dictate which business practices are deemed acceptable, particularly those involved in the puppy mill trade,” Grim asserted.

The push for legislative reform comes amidst ongoing legal battles, with three Ohio families currently embroiled in lawsuits against Petland for selling puppies afflicted with health issues. Operating in Ohio since 1967, Petland maintains that it conducts its operations transparently and ethically.

Responding to criticisms, Petland issued a statement asserting that, out of an estimated 51,000 puppies sold in Ohio over the past five years, only 12 claims have been filed against them with the Ohio Attorney General.

As discussions surrounding House Bill 443 continue, advocates and opponents alike await the outcome of this proposed legislation, which could have far-reaching implications for puppy sales in Ohio.