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Hocking County Sheriff Responds to Road Rage Gun Incident, Arrest Made


Hocking County, OH – The Hocking County Sheriff’s Office reported an alarming road rage incident that occurred on April 12, prompting a swift response from deputies.

According to Sheriff [insert sheriff’s name], deputies were dispatched to US Route 33 Eastbound, near State Route 664, following a report of a road rage incident. The caller informed authorities that the driver of another vehicle had allegedly brandished a firearm during the altercation.

Deputies wasted no time in responding to the scene and initiated a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle, located on US Route 33 Eastbound, just West of Exit 182 for Nelsonville. The driver of the suspect vehicle was identified as Derek Lowry.

Upon further investigation, deputies made a significant discovery. Inside Lowry’s vehicle, they found a loaded firearm along with open containers of alcoholic beverages. Consequently, Lowry was placed under arrest.

Lowry now faces charges of aggravated menacing and improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle. Following his arrest, he was transported to the South Eastern Ohio Regional Jail without further incident.

Law enforcement officials seized the firearm found in Lowry’s possession, and evidence collection procedures were initiated. A comprehensive report of the incident was compiled for official records.

The Hocking County Sheriff’s Office is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all residents, and incidents such as these are taken seriously. The swift action taken by deputies highlights their dedication to maintaining law and order on the county’s roadways.