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Papa Johns Rewards Front-Line Employees with 2.5 Million in Bonus Pay

Photo by Ildar Sagdejev

US – Papa John international announced in a statement this week that they would be giving away a special end of the year bonus for 14,000 front-line team members in the company’s corporate-owned restaurants and supply chain members, a bonus of 2.5 million.

“Never has Papa John’s growth and success depended on our team member’s hard work, steadfast dedication, and commitment to safety as much as this year. In particular, our front-line workers in our restaurants and supply chain have been a constant source of positivity and commitment throughout this challenging year, enabling Papa John’s to deliver to millions of new and returning customers,” said Rob Lynch, President & CEO. “To acknowledge their importance and express our deep appreciation, we are providing a special end-of-year bonus to team members in our corporate restaurants and QCCs.”

In addition to mid-and end-of-year bonuses and expanded benefits for corporate employees like free virtual doctor visits, this year Papa John’s corporate and franchised restaurants have also hired over 30,000 new team members, many of whom had been displaced from other jobs by the pandemic. The company also continued its long-term commitment to supporting its communities, donating over 500,000 pizzas to first responders, front-line workers, and communities in need, and raising over $3.6 million for COVID-19 relief and the fight for racial justice.