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Over 3,500 People Have Already Voted in Pickaway County Elections in Early Voting

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Pickaway County – Hundreds of Democrats and Thousands of Republicans have already participated in early voting in the 2024 Primary Election.

According to the Pickaway County Election office, 3,546 people have cast a vote already, with voting day to take place on March 19th. Early voting has ended at the Pickaway County Board of Elections office. With the passage of HB 458 there is no voting the Monday before election day. Additionally, voters may not cast a ballot at the Board of Elections office on election day unless they have moved without changing their address before the deadline.

Election Day voting takes place on March 19, 2024, from 6:30am – 7:30pm, at 17 different polling locations throughout Pickaway County.

Voters arriving to vote at their polling place are required to provide a valid, unexpired, Ohio issued ID, Passport, or US military/national guard/veterans ID. As this is a primary election, voters will be asked to choose a Democratic or Republican ballot; these ballots allow voters to nominate that party candidate to the November general election. Voters with a question or issue to vote on will be given the third option of an “Issues only” ballot (any question or issue will also be on the party ballots). Voters may find helpful resources, including sample ballots, candidate lists, their election day polling place, and more, on the board website at https://www.boe.ohio.gov/pickaway/. There are two polling location changes voters should be aware of this election day:

  • Voters in Deercreek township and the Village of Williamsport will no longer be voting at the Gym on the Park. Beginning with this election, these voters will cast their ballots at the Southwest Pickaway Fire House located just off US-22 West and Cedar Street. Voters will need to enter the lot from Cedar Street to avoid blocking the fire house bay doors. All impacted voters have been sent a yellow postcard in the mail informing them of this change.
  • Voters in the Village of South Bloomfield and Harrison Township also have an Election Day change to their voting location. After casting their votes in the last few elections at the front park shelter house, they will return to the South Bloomfield Municipal Building for the foreseeable future. “Although the shelter house was a fantastic building that offered quick access for voters, plenty of natural light, and a comfortable setting for our workers, we are concerned that there may not be enough space for the November Presidential election. To avoid moving voters back and forth, we worked with the Village of South Bloomfield to return to the municipal building and remain there going forward,” the Pickaway County Board of Election Director stated.
  • All city voters will continue to cast their election day ballots at the Pickaway County Fairgrounds. Unfortunately, the Nicholas Drive entrance will not be available for voters to access this primary.
  • As a reminder to all voters, election night results are “unofficial” until all eligible ballots are counted. The official results will be provided and certified on March 29th, at 3:00pm at the Board of Elections Office.
  • During that time, “provisional ballots” will be held for 4 days as our office reviews them and voters are given the time to provide any required information. Saturday, March 23rd, at 5:00pm is the deadline for voters to provide that information, it is also the last day that the office will accept mail ballots that are postmarked by March 18th.

A provisional ballot is provided to voters who may have moved, changed their name, or do not have a valid ID when they appear to vote. These ballots are reviewed to determine if the voter was eligible to cast a ballot in the state of Ohio and that they did not cast a ballot anywhere else in the state of Ohio. The board will vote to approve and count all eligible provisional ballots which will be added to the official results.
The first posted election night results will consist of the in-office and mail absentee votes. Our office will update election results throughout the night as they are returned to us.