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OSP Gives 7 Year Old Bentley Parade Before 5th Open Heart Surgery


NEWARK – The Ohio State Highway Patrol is proud to have collaborated to make a Newark, OH boy’s day a little brighter yesterday. Sergeant Woodyard of our Granville Post organized a parade for Bentley, a young boy battling a serious medical condition, to happen the day before his major surgery today. With help from Bentley’s family, various contacts and community relationships, Sergeant Woodyard was able to organize a parade. It was complete with lights, sirens, tow trucks and motorcycles that drove by Bentley’s house. In total, 21 agencies and organizations participated in the parade.

Our reporter Kyle was able to record this amazing parade that was put on in Bentleys honor check it out.


At 20 weeks pregnant Bentley was diagnosed with HLHS after an ultrasound and fetal echo requested by my OB doctor at Riverside Hospital. Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome is a severe congential heart defect that affects the left side of the heart. Since then Bentley has had four open heart surgery, and now is dealing with another medical issue called PLE, which could cause death. So Bentley is now facing another surgery called “lymphatic embolization & “thoracic duct decompression.” 

Bentley’s parents are dedicated to giving their son quailty of life and over the weekend locals gathered to give him some hope before going into surgery again today.

The good news is mom has reported that Bentley is doing well during his procedure.