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Oscar Mayer Ice Dog Ice Cream Sandwich

  • USA – Ever think those words would come out of your mouth? Hot Dog Ice Cream? No neither did I, but Oscar Mayer took to twitter over the last few weeks wanting to introduce a new item to their ever growing line of meat products.

Whats in the Ice Cream Sandwich be prepared:

  • Candied Hot Dog Bits
  • Hot Dog Sweet Cream
  • Spicy Dijon Gelato
  • Cookie Bun

The company called out the French Mustard company saying, “Who just eats mustard?” referring to the recent mustard flavored ice cream that the company introduced. Oscar Mayer says they have successfully sandwiched mustard and hot dog in side a cookie crust.

Oscar Mayer even went a little further with development of a custom weinermobile that will hand out samples in NYC starting this week.