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Only Woman in Crowded Republican Primary for Second Congressional District

Kim Georgeton, Republican primary candidate for Ohio 2nd Congressional

Chillicothe and Ohio’s Second Congressional District — Kim Georgeton points out that she is the only woman in the crowded Republican primary for the district, and that sometimes you need a woman to take down a woman…like some prominent Democrats.

I decided to interview all of the Republican primary candidates who made appearances at the lunchtime meet-and-greets of the Republican Women of Ross County. But, that was after Georgeton was the first to attend, so I invited her to an interview after the fact.

In addition to being the only woman in the race, she pointed out that there is not a single Congresswoman in Ohio.

Georgeton said she was not in politics before COVID, but she saw how the shutdowns and restrictions were violating civil rights. She says she wants to hold people liable for violating the U.S. Constitution. She caries a pocket Constitution with her.

Georgeton says she is the only candidate who knows how to apply the Constitution, and she is committed to joining the Freedom Caucus. She plans to have two meetings per month at the two ends of the 152-mile-wide district to inform her constituents.

Her occupation for 25 years has been consulting for software implementation, specifically “Sales Force.” She says her job is transformations – to analyze businesses to transform in the most efficient process – which is needed for Congress.

Hear her in her owns words in the below interview video. (Sorry for the traffic noise.)

Georgeton has a website, Facebook page, and Twitter page.