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One Firefighter Dead Six Hurt in Maine Explosion

Police stood guard near the devastation from the explosion in Farmington, Maine, Monday morning. DONNA PERRY/SUN JOURNAL/ASSOCIATED PRESS/SUN JOURNAL VIA AP

FARMINGTON – This one hits close to home for me being from the area.

According to BangorDailyNews one firefighter is dead and six were injured when a massive building explosion Monday morning on Route 2.

Police are saying a propane leak made the home explode making the area look like a “war zone.” The explosion happened at 313 Farmington Falls Road around 8:30 am. The house that was destroyed was reported as LEAP organization, a location that serves adults with disabilities.

Officials said that insulation and debris from the building explosion speed over a mile.

The LEAP office according to their facebook was recently renovated in the spring and the propane system in the building was replaced at that time.