Home News Ohio State Patrol Out Heavy Preparing for Interstate Shutdown Threat

Ohio State Patrol Out Heavy Preparing for Interstate Shutdown Threat


US – Ohio State highway patrol has made their presence known in Columbus after an online proposed shutdown of the interstate by truckers and motorists.

Several Sciotopost members have contacted the page reporting seeing dozens of OSP vehicles around the 270/70/71 intersections of Columbus.

Photo from Waze App shows heavy police on 71 Northbound

The Waze app that locates police and crashes shows an abnormal amount of police on 71/270 in Columbus at this time.

Waze App screenshot, shows OSP presence on 70 eastbound

Hamilton County Prosecutor sent out a statement over the weekend when the “Patriot Shutdown” protests started trending in the US.

Waze app screenshot shows police on 70 westbound

“I want to be perfectly clear. Anyone who attempts to shut down the highways in Hamilton County will be removed from their vehicles, charged with felony Disrupting Public Services, and they will go to jail. This would pose a serious danger for our first responders and the community at large. I have always been supportive of a citizen’s First Amendment right to protest. But, this is not lawful and it is reckless. It will not be tolerated.”

Patriot Shutdown has been trending on Twitter and Facebook all weekend with plans to shut down major areas of the country with rolling roadblocks from mostly truckers.