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Ohio Right to Life Releases Statement on Petitions Filed


COLUMBUS, Ohio— Today, Ohio Right to Life released a statement regarding the abortion lobby filing with the Secretary of State’s office petitions for their abortion ballot initiative to be on the ballot this November.

The language in the proposed amendment would remove all current pro-life laws enacted, including parental consent, and prohibit any legal restrictions on abortion, forcing abortion to be legal until birth.

Ohio Right to Life’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter Range, explains, “The ACLU wants to take away parental rights in Ohio, which would enable a minor to be pressured into an abortion or even a sex change operation. This amendment cuts parents out of life-changing decisions involving their kids’ health.”

Range continued, “Not only that, but this amendment would also allow painful, late-term abortion in Ohio with no protections for the preborn. The ACLU just misled hundreds of thousands of Ohioans about their intention to push unlimited abortion and sex change surgeries for minors in our state.”

For more information on the abortion ballot initiative, go to www.protectwomenohio.com.