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Ohio Representatives Aim at Impeachment of Gov. Dewine

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OHIO – Several House representatives have launched a effort to impeach Governor Mike Dewine today.

The effort is being led by Rep. John Becker and supported by Reps. Paul Zeltwanger and Nino Vitale, all known to be critical of Dewines handling of the Corona Virus Pandemic.

According to Rep Nino Vitale he signed the articles of impeachment immediately and co-sponsored them.

Vitale said on social media this morning, “I have received hundreds of calls to my office, in the past 5 months, from people who have lost their jobs, cannot work, cannot feed their families or cannot get the health care they or a family member desperately needed.

Remember when all health care was shut down for 3 months because we were supposedly all going to die of Coronavirus? Well, many people are now sick; really sick. And they will need much more invasive treatment for what has turned into more serious health issues for them.

Articles of Impeachment do not go far enough for me. While it’s a good step, Dictator DeWine needs to be charged and tried for crimes against humanity, in my opinion.

A website has been set up so you can see what Ohio Representatives are willing to co-sponsor the Articles of Impeachment.”

The group has set up a website to help push the articles and gain support. Listed below.



A spokesman for Dewine told Sciotopost, “The governor is focused on saving lives during a pandemic. He’s focused on helping our economy during this pandemic. That’s what he’s focused on. Not this.”

“In a time of harsh political division, and an important election year, Republicans should be united,” Ohio GOP Chairman Jane Timken said in an emailed statement. “Ohio and the world have witnessed an unprecedented global pandemic – one that Governor DeWine has done a great job at leading us through. The attack by John Becker and his allies is a baseless, feeble attempt at creating attention for themselves.”

This is a developing story.