Home News Ohio Pharmacy Board Backs Down Banning of Hydroxychloroquine

Ohio Pharmacy Board Backs Down Banning of Hydroxychloroquine


OHIO – After negative feedback and Gov. Dewine going public against the board decision the Pharmacy board has backed down.

“Ohio Pharmacy Board has reversed their decision on hydroxychloroquine, and I believe that was the right thing to do. I believe their process in arriving at the decision to ban hydroxychloroquine for treating #COVID19 patients was fundamentally flawed, said Dewine.

Dewine also called for a full hearing on this, “I’m asking @OhioRxBoard and the @Ohiomedboard to thoroughly look at this issue as the science and understanding of #COVID19 and how to treat it continues to evolve.” 


Dewine says that he doesn’t have the power to use this drug for testing COVID-19, but we should leave that discretion up to the doctors. “I expect the medical board and the pharmacy board to examine this issue based on the best science.”

The original issue was prescribing the drug hydroxychloroquine a drug that effectiveness has been questioned after President Trump said it was a “game changer” for the treatment of Covid patients. On Wednesday the board banned its use as a coronavirus treatment less than 24 hours before changing course.