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Ohio – Nitric/hydrochloric acid Mixture Spills at Gas Station


Guernsey county – A entire area was blocked off after a serious spill has occurred in Guernsey county Ohio

Located in Eastern Ohio the EMA director has reported that the mixture started leaking from a large tanker truck earlier today. Multiple Fire Departments responded and a unified command was established around the Go Mart Location off US-70 at 64322 Wintergreen Rd, Lore City, OH 43755.

 SR 285 is still closed between Interstate and Institute Road for an undetermined time. Wintergreen Road and Range Road residents are advised to keep their family, livestock, and pets away from Hawkins Run Creek.

Nitric acid is a colorless inorganic acid when it’s pure. The exposure of the nitric acid chemical to other nitrogen oxides chemicals creates a yellowish color. This acid dissolves metals, irons, copper, and silver. Commonly used in fertilizer production for plants and grass

Nitric acid is a dangerous chemical! Workers should wear protective equipment such as gloves or face shields to prevent skin contamination from nitric acid. Skin contact with nitric acid results in severe burns and irritation to the eye. People and animals also can become exposed by inhalation or even passed through the skin.