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Ohio Governor Activates Emergency Operations Center Ahead of Solar Eclipse


COLUMBUS, Ohio – With the much-anticipated total solar eclipse looming, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has taken proactive measures by activating the Ohio Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to ensure the safety and well-being of residents and visitors during the celestial event.

Scheduled to occur on Monday, the solar eclipse is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of spectators to Ohio. Governor DeWine emphasized the significance of the occasion, stating, “There is no better place to experience the eclipse than in Ohio, the Birthplace of Aviation and the heart of aerospace.”

The activation of the EOC will facilitate coordinated efforts among various state agencies to provide support to local communities before, during, and after the eclipse. Staff members from agencies such as the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Ohio Emergency Management Agency, Ohio Adjutant General’s Department, and others will assemble at the EOC in Columbus to organize resources and respond to any unforeseen needs.

Sima Merick, director of the Ohio Emergency Management Agency, highlighted the preparation efforts, stating, “Our EOC teams will be monitoring local needs through contact with our county partners and will stand ready to provide resources as needed.”

In addition to the EOC activation, several state agencies have announced plans to enhance safety measures and emergency response capabilities during the eclipse. The Ohio State Highway Patrol will increase staffing levels and activate its aviation unit to ensure traffic safety on highways. Troopers will be available to support local law enforcement agencies and assist motorists as needed.

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) will also play a crucial role in managing traffic and ensuring roadway safety. ODOT will be fully staffed to assist with traffic control and adjust signal timing near popular viewing areas. Roadwork on ODOT-maintained roads and the Ohio Turnpike will be restricted to minimize traffic disruptions during the event.

To ensure public safety, the Ohio Department of Health has issued safety tips for viewing the eclipse, while motorists are encouraged to plan their routes in advance and refrain from stopping on highways or exit ramps for non-emergencies. Travelers are also advised to stay informed about weather conditions and have a preparedness kit in their vehicles.

For the latest travel tips and real-time alerts during the eclipse, travelers can follow the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s social media profiles and visit TourismOhio’s website for information about special events and attractions surrounding the eclipse.

As Ohioans and visitors prepare to witness this rare celestial event, state officials are committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.