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Ohio Glass Museum Readies Major Exhibit and Receives Grant


The Ohio Glass Museum has announced that a retrospective exhibit will be unveiled on September 14, 2023. Arguably one of the most important exhibits to be hosted by the museum, Anchored in Glass will be more than an impressive showcase of the hundreds of pieces produced by Anchor Hocking Glass, it will be a tribute to the community and an essential exploration of the history of glass manufacturing that made Lancaster, Ohio known worldwide.

In addition, The Fairfield County Foundation recently approved a grant from the George and Dollie L. Zimpfer Memorial Funda to benefit the Ohio Glass Museum. The grant will help cover the costs of purchasing equipment for the fused glass program. The non-profit organization relies heavily on the generosity of the community and on funding sources like the Fairfield County Foundation.

“It truly is a community-wide effort to sustain this museum and to propel our classes and educational opportunities, as well as major exhibits,“ said Michael Shook, Ohio Glass Museum Board President. “The Ohio Glass Museum Board, staff, and volunteers are not only grateful but acknowledge we are reliant on grants and community support to further our mission and vision.”

The Ohio Glass Museum was incorporated in 2002, and significant construction on the building began in 2004.  The Museum was established to reflect the importance of the glassmaking industry in southeastern Ohio. Fairfield County has been home to numerous glass companies over the years and the wonders of glass are kept alive at the museum through classes, permanent exhibits, featured exhibits, demonstrations, and a museum gift store.

Anchored in Glass will open on September 14. The Ohio Glass Museum is open for daily tours Tuesday through Sunday from 12pm to 4pm and offers an extended array of classes for people ages five and older. Information about classes and demonstrations, as well as current exhibits, can be found at www.ohioglassmusum.org.