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Ohio Expands Free Driver Training Program for Low-Income Teens


OHIO – The Ohio Traffic Safety Office (OTSO) is helping young drivers hit the road safely with a $2.5 million expansion of their “Drive to Succeed” scholarship program. This initiative provides free or discounted driver training to low-income teenagers across the state.

Opening Doors to Safe Driving:

Through grants awarded to local agencies, “Drive to Succeed” covers the cost of attending licensed driver training schools for eligible teens. This empowers young drivers with essential skills and knowledge to navigate Ohio’s roads responsibly, reducing their risk of accidents.

Building Partnerships, Building Safety:

Local government agencies like police departments, schools, and health departments can apply for the grants. This collaborative approach leverages local knowledge and resources to effectively reach teens in need.

Investing in Safer Tomorrow:

“Last year, 91,000 Ohio teens participated in licensed driver training,” said Emily Davidson, Executive Director of OTSO. “This program goes beyond licensure, equipping young drivers with the skills they need to stay safe.”

Data shows that skipping driver training significantly increases crash risks for newly licensed drivers under 25. “Drive to Succeed” tackles this concern by ensuring low-income teens don’t miss out on this crucial foundation for safe driving.

Success Story Takes Root:

The program’s initial launch in 2023 was a success, with 25 agencies receiving grants and hundreds of students benefiting from free or discounted training. This expansion aims to reach even more teens and further reduce preventable accidents on Ohio’s roads.

Remember, safe driving starts with preparation. If you know a low-income teen who could benefit from the “Drive to Succeed” program, encourage them to reach out to their local government agencies or visit the OTSO website for more information. Let’s work together to ensure every young driver is equipped for a safe journey on the road.