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Ohio Division of Wildlife- Ohio’s Larges Shooting Range NOW OPEN


Ohio Division of Wildlife-

🎉👏😍 The Delaware Wildlife Area Shooting Range is open! The shooting range was previously closed for major enhancements and renovations, as well as construction of a new indoor Archery Training Center. Plan your visit: http://ow.ly/h5Tk50CCSxw

Range Features
⭐️ Rifle & Pistol:
🌠 3 ranges all under shelter with handicap accessible walkways and shooting positions.
25 yard: 36 positions
50 yard: 24 positions
100 yard: 36 positions

⭐️ Shotgun:
🌠 Hand trap range for shotgun practice only.
🌠 6 stations, throwers provided. Shooters must bring their own targets.

⭐️ Archery:
🏹 Indoor Archery Training Center: 12 indoor lanes with capabilities to shoot up to 25 meters.
🏹 Olympic Archery Range & Pavilion: 10 lane, 90-meter outdoor range with observation pavilion for spectators.
🏹 Static Archery Range with Platform: Targets at 10-50 yards with an elevated platform that is also ADA compliant. This allows everyone to shoot from an elevated position.
🏹 Walk-through 3D Archery Range: 14 targets at 10-50 yards in wooded and open field locations.

-Archery range: free to the public.
-Rifle, pistol, and shotgun range: All persons age 18 and older shooting must purchase either an annual shooting range permit ($24), an annual permit and hunting license combo ($29.12), or a one-day shooting range permit ($5), which are available at all hunting and fishing license outlets, online, or the HuntFish OH mobile app. Permits are not sold at the shooting range.
-Shooters age 17 and under are not required to purchase a permit, but must be accompanied by and directly monitored by an adult (age 18 years or older) holding a valid shooting range permit.

Details: http://ow.ly/h5Tk50CCSxw
Permits: ohiogamecheck.com

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