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Ohio County Sheriffs Condemn Issue 1, Irresponsible for Ohio

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CIRCLEVILLE –  “Irresponsible for Ohio” according to Buckeye State Ohio Sheriff’s Association.  Thats the Sheriffs office stance on issue 1 on the November 6 ballot.  Issue one according to The Sheriffs Office would Liberalize drug laws, thats thought to be irresponsible at a time when deaths from deadly drugs like fentanyl continue to rise.

Sheriff Mike Simpson president of Buckeye State Sheriffs Association says, “Issue 1 is bad for law enforcement.  Right now we need all the help we can get to trap the traffickers.  Now is not the time fo a high-rise, unproven approach that will remove the threat of jail for possession of even large amounts of drugs.”

Simpson also said, in just eight years we’ve gone from prescription drug abuse problem, to a heroin and cocaine problem, th what is now a major problem with deafly fentanyl.  “yet Issue 1 would lock our drug laws into the Ohio Constitution where changing them is a length process of a year or more, Simpson said.  “This is exactly the wrong thing to be doing in the present situation.”

Brian Stewart County Commissioner also went on record to oppose this bill.  “Today I voted with a substantial majority of the County Commissioners Association of Ohio Board of Directors to OPPOSE #Issue1, which would lock into the Ohio Constitution a poorly-drafted, out-of-state driven scheme to weaken Ohio’s efforts to resolve the drug problem in our state. It’s wrong for Ohio. Vote NO on Issue 1.”

If issue 1 was adopted, the amendment would:

  • Require sentence reductions of incarcerated individuals, except individuals incarcerated for murder, rape, or child molestation, by up to 25% if the individual participates in rehabilitative work, or educational programming.
  • Mandate that criminal offenses of obtaining, possessing, or using any drug such as fentanyl, heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, LSD , and other controlled substances cannot be classified as a felony, but only a misdemeanor
  • Prohibit jail time as a sentence for obtaining, possessing, or using drugs until an individual’s third offense within 24 months.
  • Allow an individual convicted of obtaining, possessing, or using any such drug prior to the effective date of the amendment to ask a court to reduce the conviction to a misdemeanor, regardless of whether the individual has completed the sentence.
  • Require any available funding, based on projected savings, to be applied to state-administered rehabilitation programs and crime victim funds.
  • Require a graduated series of responses, such as community service, drug treatment, or jail time, for minor, non-criminal probation violations.

How do you feel about issue 1?