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Ohio Attorney General Rejects Petition Summary for Constitutional Amendment on Civil Rights


Columbus, Ohio – In a move that could potentially impact future ballot initiatives, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office has rejected the petition summary for a proposed constitutional amendment titled “Protecting Ohioans’ Constitutional Rights.” This amendment sought to add a new Section 22 to Article I of the Ohio Constitution.

The proposed amendment aimed to revoke existing constitutional immunities and defenses available to governmental entities and public employees in cases alleging civil rights violations. The Attorney General’s Office received the petition summary on March 5th, 2024.

Attorney General’s Role in Petition Process

Ohio Revised Code 3519.01 outlines the Attorney General’s responsibility within the petition process. This role entails evaluating whether the petition summary accurately and truthfully summarizes the proposed constitutional amendment. In the case of “Protecting Ohioans’ Constitutional Rights,” the Attorney General’s Office determined that the summary language did not meet this crucial criterion.

Rejection Based on Omissions and Misstatements

A response letter issued to the petition’s proponents explains the rationale behind the rejection. The letter highlights the identification of “omissions and misstatements” within the summary. These shortcomings, according to the Attorney General’s Office, have the potential to mislead potential signatories regarding the true scope and ramifications of the proposed amendment.

Limited Public Access to Details

While the Attorney General’s Office has made the full rejection letter and petition publicly available, the specific details concerning the identified omissions and misstatements are not readily accessible within the news report. Those seeking a more comprehensive understanding of the reasoning behind the rejection may need to access the full documents directly.

This incident underscores the significance of clear and accurate language in ballot initiative petition summaries. The Attorney General’s Office plays a critical role in ensuring that voters have access to truthful and unbiased information before deciding whether to support a proposed constitutional amendment.