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Letter to the Editor – Republican Primary Support for Schweitzer


To the Editor:
In the Republican Primary for Pickaway County Recorder, I support Laura Schweitzer. She has a real interest in making our community a better place to live.

She participates in so many community activities, most of which are non-political. Laura is a member of the Circleville Tree Commission and has worked with high school students to plant many trees. Another example is her attendance at Mayor Blanton’s meeting at the Fairgrounds on March 5 th when four alternatives for an Overpass in Circleville were presented.

When Laura does engage in political activities, it’s away from the office on her own time. She was the President of the Pickaway County Women’s Republican Club. Also, as the organizer of a local grassroots conservative group, she managed booths at the Pickaway County Fair, Ross County Fair and Circleville Pumpkin Show where we offered free photo strips and voter registration forms to any fairgoer.

Representing Salt Creek South, Laura was elected a member and then an officer of the Republican Central Committee. She is still an at-large member. Recently, Laura attended the December 14 th library board meeting about a book, placed in the Children’s Section, that many described as pornography.

Another way Laura showed her concern was when she told me about a title fraud detection service on the Recorder’s website that is available at no cost to the landowner. If your name is used with any activity on any property in Pickaway County, this service sends you a warning. I never knew about it until Laura told me. This service has been funded by the County Commissioners, but few are aware of it. I know Laura, and she will make sure everyone knows about it. Laura learned about this technology at a conference last summer. When Laura showed me the website for this group, I was fascinated with the support available for county recorders.

If elected, Laura Schweitzer will have access to training for new recorders from this same pre-eminent industry association. Laura is the only candidate who is a member. Currently, four of the five people working in the Recorder’s Office are also working on Ms. Turner’s campaign. Still, Laura told me that she hopes the current staff will stay on if she wins the election. She is just that genuine.

Stephanie Parker