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Ohio Attorney General Leads Multistate Lawsuit Against Live Nation and Ticketmaster for Monopolistic Practices


Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, backed by a bipartisan coalition of attorneys general from across the United States and the U.S. Department of Justice, is taking legal action against Live Nation Entertainment Inc. and its subsidiary, Ticketmaster. The lawsuit accuses the entertainment giants of engaging in monopolistic practices that have restricted competition and harmed consumers and businesses within the live entertainment industry.

Yost emphasized the importance of transparency, fair pricing, and healthy competition for Ohioans. He views the lawsuit as a crucial step towards dismantling the dominance of Live Nation and Ticketmaster, aiming to ensure that consumers and businesses are no longer subjected to their control.

Live Nation’s stronghold in the live entertainment realm, facilitated by its merger with Ticketmaster in 2010, extends across artist management, event promotion, and ticketing services. The company’s ownership of key venues, including popular amphitheaters, further solidifies its control over the industry’s supply chain.

Allegations against Live Nation include striking deals with fringe competitor Oak View Group to stifle competition, acquiring smaller promotion competitors, enforcing exclusive contracts with Ticketmaster on venues, and penalizing venues that collaborate with rival ticketing companies or promoters. Live Nation also mandates artists performing at its venues to use its promotion services.

The lawsuit contends that these anti-competitive practices have led to higher ticketing fees, limited purchasing options for consumers, stifled innovation in ticketing services, reduced variety and availability of live entertainment events, and restricted choices for artists and venues.

The legal action seeks to dismantle the monopolistic alliance between Live Nation and Ticketmaster, terminate Ticketmaster’s exclusive contracts with venues, and prevent Live Nation from coercing artists into using its promotion services. Yost aims to foster a competitive environment in live entertainment, ensuring that consumers, artists, and venues can benefit from choice and innovation.

A broad coalition of attorneys general from numerous states and the District of Columbia has joined Yost and the DOJ in this legal battle, highlighting the widespread concern over the alleged monopolistic practices in the live entertainment industry.