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Ohio Approves Two New Solar Energy Locations and a Natural Gas Line


OHIO – The Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) today approved applications filed by Fox Squirrel Solar, LLC and Powell Creek Solar, LLC to construct solar‑powered electric generating facilities in Madison and Putnam counties, respectively. The OPSB also approved an application filed by Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. to construct a natural gas pipeline in Clermont County.

Fox Squirrel Solar
The 577 megawatt (MW) Fox Squirrel Solar project will occupy approximately 3,444 acres within a 3,766-acre project area located in Oak Run, Pleasant, and Range townships in Madison County. The project will consist of large arrays of ground-mounted photovoltaic modules, commonly referred to as solar panels. The project will include associated support facilities such as access roads, electric collection lines, a temporary construction laydown yard, inverters, weather stations, and a substation.

Powell Creek Solar
The 150 MW Powell Creek Solar project will occupy just under 1,000 acres within an approximately 2,013-acre project area located in Palmer and Liberty townships in Putnam County. The project will consist of large arrays of solar panels and include associated facilities such as access roads, an operations and maintenance building, weather stations, electric collection lines, inverters and transformers, a substation, laydown yards, a 138 kilovolt generation interconnection transmission line, and a substation.

Bethel-Batavia Pipeline
The Duke Energy Ohio Bethel-Batavia Pipeline, also known as Line C367, will be constructed along the utility’s preferred route running through Batavia, Monroe, Tate, and Pierce townships in Clermont County. The 15.5-mile pipeline will be constructed of 12.75-inch diameter steel high pressure natural gas pipeline with a maximum allowable operating pressure of 535 pounds per square inch, connecting the utility’s existing C338 and CG11 pipelines. The pipeline will be constructed within a 75‑foot wide temporary right-of-way and will be operated within a 50‑foot wide permanent right-of-way.

Other Business
In other business, the OPSB approved 6011 Greenwich Windpark, LLC’s (now known as Crossroads Wind  Power,  LLC) request to relinquish its certificate to construct a wind-powered electric generation facility in Huron County. The certificate issued by the OPSB for the Greenwich Windpark project is now canceled.

The OPSB also approved amendments to the Willowbrook Solar project in Highland and Brown counties and the Guernsey Power Station project in Guernsey County. The Willowbrook Solar amendment adds approximately 28 acres of private land and 1.9 miles of electric collection lines to the project. The Guernsey Power Station amendment adds two parcels to be used for temporary workspace during construction of the facility.