Home News Official Report: Voluntary Resignation/Retirement of Philipp L. Roar, Jr. Circleville Deputy Chief

Official Report: Voluntary Resignation/Retirement of Philipp L. Roar, Jr. Circleville Deputy Chief


CIRCLEVILLE – The voluntary resignation/retirement of former Deputy Chief Philip Roar, Jr. has occurred after the City Administration received a complaint from a member of the Circleville Police Department. This complaint included allegations of inappropriate conduct.

A full investigation was launched and through the investigation by the City Mayor, Human Resources Director and the City’s legal counsel
resulted in a finding that certain allegations within the complaint were verifiable resulting in an agreement to voluntarily resignation/retirement effective March 12, 2022. That agreement gave Mr. Roar appropriate compensation to be used to purchase his prior military service time towards his retirement pension.

Allegations against the peace officer were:

(1) Oberer was retaliated against by Deputy Chief Roar due to the November 22, 2021 email that he forwarded to Chief Baer;

(2) Deputy Chief Roar advised Oberer that neither he nor the Circleville Police Department gave a “fuck” about his kids when Oberer was required to return to work from vacation for an event for President Trump;

(3) Deputy Chief Roar has made comments related to the supervisors not knowing what they are doing to the effect that it is the “blind leading the blind;”

(4) Deputy Chief Roar verbally berates people and/or speaks in a demeaning tone;

(5) Deputy Chief Roar pushed Oberer into a urinal while he was using the restroom;

(6) Deputy Chief Roar made a comment in the presence of Valerie Dilley, Human Resources Director, to the effect of “how about you get the fuck out of my office;”

(7) Deputy Chief Roar, Chief Baer and Safety Director Chamberlain smoked outside the Police Department in violation of the City’s policy.

It should be noted Oberer had no concerns with respect to the conduct of Chief Baer, Captain Davis or Safety Director Chamberlain.

(8) Deputy Chief Roar physically removed a Patrol Officer from the Captain’s office;

(9) Deputy Chief Roar has engáged in “horseplay” with others, such as be grabbing others in the groin/thigh area;

(10) Deputy Chief Roar has pushed others into the urinal while they were urinating.

It was found in the investigation that Alligations 1 and 2 were not confirmed and no retaliation was found against the officer, but 2-10 were confirmed.

In the report allegations of sexual harassment were never mentioned, nor was Chief Baer noted to be involved in any of this action.

Below is the report.