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ODNR- STOP Feeding Birds to Help Prevent Spread of Bird Disease


ODNR- Recently, it has been observed that songbirds in Ohio are being affected by a disease. The primary species affected at this time are blue jays, common grackles, European starlings, American robins, and house sparrows. Ohio counties experiencing the bulk of the outbreak so far include Brown, Butler, Clark, Clermont, Delaware, Franklin, Greene, Hamilton, Montgomery, and Warren counties.

While we do not have an update on what is currently causing the disease, the ODNR Division of Wildlife advises that people please stop feeding birds, and take down and clean bird feeders and birdbaths with 10% bleach solution, particularly if they are seeing sick/dead birds in their area (as recommended by USGSThis link will open in a new window). Doing these things can help slow the spread of the disease.

If You Find an Alive/Diseased Bird

Please contact the nearest licensed wildlife rehabilitatorThis link will open in a new window.

If You Find a Dead/Diseased Bird

Please submit a report online in our Wildlife Species Sighting reporting system to help biologists track the spread of the disease. When reporting, select Bird – Diseased or Dead.

Submit a Diseased/Dead Bird ReportThis link will open in a new window

You can also include photographs or videos with your report, as well as latitude and longitude coordinates to help wildlife biologists quickly verify the sighting. Remember to always view wildlife from a respectful distance for your safety as well as the safety of the animal. 

Thank you for helping us to protect Ohio’s wildlife!