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ODNR Says Leave Baby Animals Alone


Usa – Why is it always best to leave wildlife in the wild? Below are just a few reasons!
>> A baby wild animal’s best chance for survival is with its mother.
>> Wild animals are born to live their lives in the wild, not in a house or a cage.
>> An animal that has become habituated to humans cannot be returned to the wild.
>> Once they grow, wild animals are active and independent, which can make them dangerous and destructive.
>> Wild animals have complex nutritional needs not easily met in captivity. Nutritional deficiencies can leave an animal deformed for life.
>> Wild animals can carry diseases and parasites, some of which are transmissible to people or pets. Some diseases, like rabies, can cause serious human health problems.
>> It is illegal to possess, restrain, or keep any wild animal. The purpose of the law is to protect wild animal populations and to protect people from disease and injury.

If you do find a baby wild animal in need, be sure to consult wildohio.gov/staywild on what to do first!