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Obituary for Kimberly Denise Mills, 55 of Ashville


Kimberly‎ Denise‎ Mills,‎ 55,‎ of‎ Ashville,‎ passed‎ away‎ Tuesday‎ evening, February 16, 2021,‎ at‎ Ohio‎ State‎ University‎ Wexner‎ Medical‎ Center.

She‎ was‎ born‎ June‎ 12,‎ 1965,‎ in‎ Chicago,‎ Illinois; daughter‎ of‎ Sharon‎ and‎ Ronald‎ Misencik.

A‎ warm‎ and‎ kind‎ soul,‎ she‎ was‎ a‎ friend‎ to‎ all‎ and‎ had‎ a‎ fierce‎ love‎ of‎ family‎ bonds.‎ She‎ had‎ the‎ ability‎ to‎ make‎ anyone‎ feel‎ loved‎ and‎ welcomed.‎ She‎ devoted‎ much‎ of‎ her‎ life‎ to‎ helping‎ others.‎ She‎ impacted‎ countless‎ lives‎ through‎ her‎ work‎ as‎ a‎ special‎ education‎ aide‎ at‎ The‎ Head‎ Start‎ programs‎ in‎ Ashville,‎ daycare‎ services,‎ and‎ most‎ recently‎ as‎ a‎ medical‎ assistant‎ in‎ the‎ infusion‎ clinic‎ at‎ Nationwide‎ Children’s‎ Hospital‎ in‎ Columbus.

She‎ is‎ survived‎ by‎ her‎ husband‎ of‎ 30‎ years,‎ Mark‎ Mills‎ of‎ Ashville;‎ her‎ daughter,‎ Kayla (Justin)‎ Knable‎ of‎ Chillicothe‎;‎ her‎ son‎, Christopher (Carly Palmer)‎ Mills‎ of‎ Perrysburg;‎ parents,‎ Sharon‎ and‎ Ronald‎ Misencik;‎ brother,‎ James (Mary Beth)‎ Principe‎;‎ ‎neice,‎ Miranda‎ (Michael) Rockhold‎ of‎ Marysville‎;‎ nephew,‎ Petty‎ Officer‎ 1st‎ Class‎ U.S.‎ Navy‎ Adam (Jullie Forbes)‎ Principe‎ of‎ Blacklick‎;‎ and‎ her‎ granddaughter,‎ Ainsley‎ Knable‎ of‎ Chillicothe.‎

Private‎ services‎ will‎ be‎ conducted‎ at‎ the‎ convenience‎ of‎ the‎ family‎ at‎ their‎ home‎ in‎ Ashville.‎

In‎ lieu‎ of‎ flowers,‎ memorial‎ contributions‎ may‎ be‎ made‎ to‎ Lupus‎ Foundation‎ of‎ America‎ at Support.lupus.org.