New Medical Air Evacuation Software Deployed at Sheriff’s Office


    The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office serves as the primary PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) for all of Pickaway County. The sheriff’s office has been very proactive for decades now in keeping up with modern day technology and going above the basic standards in public safety communications. Currently the sheriff’s office is in the process of upgrading server equipment and software that serve our community from a day-to-day basis on 911 emergency responses and calls for service.

    According to Sheriff Robert B. Radcliff, our office has always been a pioneer and showcase to other agencies and vendors on the standards and methods we implement within the Pickaway County 911 communications dispatching center located at the Sheriff’s Office. Some of the technology includes AVL and GPS tracking of our emergency vehicle units. Hi-resolution aerial imagery of the entire county that plots 911 caller information on digital maps so we know exactly where a 911 call is coming from. Nixle public notification alerting system. Backup procedures and failover radio communications capability to the Circleville Police department when needed. And many other technological advancements.

    Today the Pickaway Sheriff’s Office is working with Medflight and AirEvac who are the primary medical air evacuation service providers in our area to implement a new software app. Medflight deployed a new desktop and mobile app called Metro Alert in early Spring of 2015 that allows GPS coordinates and dispatch notification to be done in the field by a mobile device or the click of a mouse within our 911 dispatching communications center. This new technology helps speed up the process in getting a medical air evacuation dispatched out by eliminating time it takes for communication personnel to pick up a phone and dial a number. AirEvac is currently in the process of developing an emergency medical dispatching app that is expected to be launched later this year.

    Sheriff Radcliff said that when we became aware of this new public safety technology at no cost to our county, we moved on getting it implemented. Currently the Sheriff’s Office has the Medflight software located and working in the 911 dispatching communications center and plan to have this medical emergency app deployed to other surrounding fire and EMS agencies. Please watch the 10TV cover story video below.

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