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New Developments in the Ross County Parks District, Part 2

New Developments in the Ross County Parks District, Part 2: Coppel Extension, Kids Nature Zone Trail, A-Frame Nature Center.

Rec Trail Extension, Storybook Trail, Nature Center

Ross County — Outdoor recreation continues to expand around Chillicothe (part two).

I checked in with the Ross County Parks District to find out what was new, and Myranda Vance, Executive Director, chatted with me about new developments and a few upcoming events for the county’s growing collection of parks and preserves. I have her interview audio paired up with various photos and maps.

In the second of the resulting three videos, we continued on to the Coppel Extension of the Paint Creek Trail.

This is a short branch from the recreational trail at Veterans Parkway and Anderson Station Road, that crosses US 50 near the Dollar Store. It ends at the playing fields and park at the south end of Star Drive, opposite Stoneridge Drive, near the western end of Western Avenue.

Vance said the trail extension is complete, but the traffic signal at US 50 hadn’t been programmed and they didn’t think it was wise to officially open it yet – though people are already using the trail. She said a grand opening should be in a couple weeks

I asked about the dream of using the abandoned railroad to extend the trail around the southwest side of Chillicothe to the Macomb Mill House, the stone house at the south end of Paint Street. She said it is still a dream with a lot of work needed.

Vance explained that the Chillicothe Ross County Public Library has a grant to create a storybook trail along the Kids Nature Zone Trail at Buzzard’s Roost.

Like a trail at Great Seal State park, a children’s book will be broken down by pages into signs along trail to entertain kids. They hope to change it seasonally, and plan to open it on the first Saturday in May.

Vance says the Parks District is also otherwise improving the kid’s trail, and will start to repair and remodel the A-frame nearby. It will become a nature center…possibly with live animals in the future.

Hear and see more in the below Part 2 video. (Part one focused on a disc golf course that was added to Metahqua Preserve a few miles east of Chillicothe, and part three focuses on outdoor education and programs.)

The Ross County Parks District has a website and Facebook page.