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NEW BUSINESS: Mr. Gatti’s Pizza to Open Next Month

photo from Gatti’s.com

CHILLICOTHE – When the Sears closed in Chillicothe people wondered what would happen to the building. Would it stand empty? Who would take the undertaking to renovate and move into the building? Recently we started seeing multiple business renovating the store front into multiple businesses. We recently reported that Dunham sports is renovating and relocating to the old Sears space, now another huge chain is moving in right beside them.

Mr. Gatti’s Pizza opened their first pizza place in 1964 in Stephenville, Texas.  The pizza place is named as a tribute after his wife’s maiden name Gatti’s. Founder James Eure prides himself on using fresh yeast risen dough, real cheese and a signature tangy pizza sauce that has kept the franchise going for over 47 years.

The closest Mr. Gatti’s pizza in the area is Portsmouth. Mr Gatti’s Pizza, known for its iconic game rooms and famous pizza buffet.

“Mr Gatti’s is experiencing a tremendous growth period as we reenergize our brand and attract new franchisees,” said Michael Poates, President of Mr Gatti’s Pizza. “At the Mr. Gatti’s support center in Fort Worth, we put our resources into a business model that keeps our guests coming back. We believe that providing the highest quality Pizza and Fun while creating great memories for our families is where the rubber meets the road. Jeff and Three Dough Boys, LLC will be a powerful addition for our brand in the Austin area, where Mr Gatti’s first began almost 50 years ago.”

According to Gatti’s they plan to open in December, and are aiming for the beginning of the month but not exactly sure.