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New Business: Mojo-USA Chillicothe

photo: mojo-usa.com

CHILLICOTHE – A new sports clothing line has come to downtown Chillicothe and it offers custom gear for your sports enthusiasts.

Mojo-USA is a custom clothing designer that creates custom sports apparel. Where the cool factor comes in is when they give you templates online to create your sports team’s very own jerseys and gear or just alter premade designs. The company allows creators to go from simple traditional designs, to outrageous and wild with their online app.After the design is approved the company launches a full line of team logo gear from jerseys to jackets to fan blanket wraps and backpacks. Gear for fan moms, boosters, fans, and the athlete.

The company offers gear for Circleville Tigers, Chillicothe, Cavs, Zane Trace, Paint Valley, Westfall Mustangs, and many more.

The company prides itself on made in the USA gear

Mojo-USA is headquartered in Chillicothe Ohio, has 22 Employees, and has just opened the new merchandise store located at 95 N Mulberry.