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New Babies Await Visitors at the Columbus Zoo and AquariumNew Babies Fill


Powell, OH — Get ready for an unforgettable summer experience at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium! With a host of adorable new arrivals and captivating wildlife encounters, there’s something for everyone at the Zoo this season.

New Faces to Meet:

Shores & Aquarium Region:

  1. Desert Grassland Whiptail Lizard Hatchlings: Witness the arrival of three whiptail lizards born on January 20, marking the Zoo’s first hatchings of 2024! These fascinating creatures, known for their unique reproductive behavior, can be found in the Reptile Building.
  2. Green Basilisk Hatchlings: Be amazed by the first-ever hatching of three green basilisks in February. These remarkable lizards, also called plumed basilisks or “Jesus Christ lizards,” are currently being cared for behind the scenes and will soon make their debut in the Reptile Building.
  3. Humboldt Penguin Chicks: Meet the newest members of the Humboldt penguin family born in March. Despite a challenging start, the two male chicks are thriving and will soon join their foster parents, Ava, Gunter, Tressel, and Watson, in the outdoor habitat after completing their “Penguin Preschool” behind the scenes.

Heart of Africa Region:

  1. Slender-Horned Gazelle Calves: Welcome two slender-horned gazelle calves, Sasquatch and Nessie, born in February. Classified as Endangered, these births hold immense significance in conservation efforts. Visitors can spot these adorable calves exploring the savanna with their herd.
  2. Dama Gazelle Calf: Meet Patrick, the newest addition to the dama gazelle family born just before St. Patrick’s Day. As the rarest of all gazelles, Patrick’s birth offers hope for the critically endangered species. He’ll soon join his family in the Heart of Africa savanna.

Congo Expedition Region:

  1. Mandrill Baby: Celebrate the arrival of a healthy baby mandrill born to proud mom Malaika on May 5. The new male baby joins his siblings Izara and Bernard, under the watchful eyes of dad Mosi and “Aunt” Matilda. Mandrills are the largest of all monkeys and are native to the rainforests of west central Africa.

Don’t miss the chance to witness these incredible new additions and create unforgettable memories at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium this summer!