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A Photo Essay of the Feast of the Flowering Moon Waking up in Chillicothe

Getting fancy for the dance.

Chillicothe — I explored the “Feast of the Flowering Moon” as the event awoke in Yoctangee Park and the downtown Friday in my previous story.

Aside from a couple of interviews, I caught a few of the sights – among the festival food, fancy dancers, tables of trinkets and treasures, midway rides, ponies and canoes…including the Pump House, which shares the park.

Here is the resulting photo essay.

“What to eat, what to eat…”
Yup, Schmidt’s is here too!
Ready to get wet.
Not yet ready to roll…
Safety First!
Peekaboo! (A regular resident of the park.)
Lining up to sell…
Setting up at the dancing ground.
You’re going have a long wait for the first fancy dance!
Getting fancy for the dance.
Killing time until visitors arrive.
A selfie at the gazebo.
The calm before the storm…of visitors to the festival in the park.
All hitched up and nowhere to go…until the kids arrive!
Only a few more days, then traditional pool season starts.
The Pump House art gallery is always there in Yoctangee Park!
The show goes on…
The judge’s statement for the current Pump House show.
The judge’s bio and the winners for “Captured” in the Pump House.
Next at the Yoctangee Park art gallery: Juneteenth.
Support your local art gallery!
Learn about the Feast of the Flowering Moon in the information tent at the park entrance.