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Its Nesting Season for Turtles in Ohio


OHIO – There are eleven species of turtles in Ohio and in May to June they nest all over the state.

Female turtles are usually the ones you see in roadways traveling to find suitable nesting sites for her young. If you see a turtle in the road and want to help make sure you help it cross the road in the way she was heading if not she will end up crossing the road again. Turtles often use the same areas for nesting, overwintering and seeking out mates. How exactly those patters are formed scientist are still trying to figure out.

Female turtles will start nesting and laying eggs but unlike most species after the eggs are laid they are left to fend for themselves. Baby turtles hatch and start off life independent of any help.

If you find a turtle around your home or in a neighborhood it can actually be deadly to them if you transfer them to another location. Turtles will attempt to come back to where they know is home and succumb to exhausting from dispersal. Turtles can be quite happy in neighborhoods and live happy lives.

Keeping a wild turtle as a pet is illegal, unless you have a state permit to do so. They also can catch disease quickly in different environments.

Out of the eleven species of turtles in Ohio only one the box turtle is the only terrestrial land dwelling turtle.